Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sapa reti wat murtabak muke alien angkat tgn??

two weeks in a row without internet is too can i describe it's like life without s**!!ahhaaaa...i miss surfing and blog-hopping, updating my blog tho yeahh i know i know the blog is boring...yeah..u xperlu bgtau i yang tuh...

oh btw, yes we did went to langkawi for 5days straight, and i'm so malas to upload the's not becoz i malas, but i think that the pictures are so valuable for the both of us that we remain is as part of our secret collection...errr yeke!!padahal banyak gile gambar x amik..hahha..yg sebenarnye banyak sgt gambar dlm u know what kan!!! :D langkawi was fun except for tak sempat nak g island hopping...and i must tell u, tm resort sucksss!!die tak maintain langsung...i mean, the room shud be ok, but if they maintain it i dun mind...imagine to try and error nk flash WC, when *u-know-what-the-smell* is in the air!!!hahahahahhahahahahahha lucky those who smell the natural freshener! :p

last week, ibu asked mr superman and i to go and learn cooking at the community college in kajang...HUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!ape mr superman pon kene g sekali ke???adeiii...but of coz we went jugak laa...altho at first, he was a bit shamed with all the ladies and he was the only one around, but he managed to remain calm...after all, everything's being paid by ibu, coz she really want the learnt how to make samosa, donuts and mutabak ayam!!omg...dont think rooling a samosa into a triangle shape is that easy, try to make it yourself!!a bit too much portion of the feelings, can turn the samosa into SENTOSA!!hahahaha..ok kau ngarut..kalo bentuk x jdi tiga segi, then salah laa tuh...

came to part nak tebar murtabak...hahahaha...i was laughing like mad to this one aunty, because the roti yang die tebar jadi bentuk muke alien, with eyes and mouth too!!hahahha...then when she wanted to do another one, i said hahahaha..nk wat lagi ke??the she answered, kali ni nak wat anak die plak...tadi bapak die..ok that aunty is so funny lahh,eventho her face is quite the serious one laaahh!!hahahaha...then gelak punye gelak org lain punye hasil kerje, last muratabak aku jadi roti canai...aku nye sorg plak tuhh...even mr superman passed!!tambah malu lagi, bila suami ku mengaku pada semua org bahawa itu adalah aku punye!!wakakakkaa...but i dun mind, becoz everyone puji him and said i beruntung dpt suami suke nk masak...well, i cakap..ofcoz laa sbb ibu mertua sudah pakse kan pegi...hahahahha :D

after that, we went shopping at the gardens...and's our camwhoring pose!!enjoy...kalo nyampah scroll laju laju... :D

pssttttt : comel pulak laa wifey org ni..HAHAHAHAHHA gelak mamposssssss

Thursday, June 4, 2009

nak gak g UK :(

staying at the in laws is so much fun..enjoyed eating the food!!heh :p

and owhh...updates are a bit slow, yes cos it's hard to get connected here in bandar baru of coz's "bandar" baru bangi..hahaha..but yes, hidup x terganggu...except for im missing reading the blogs i used to read everyday...

right now, lepaking at pekantulis..doing ladidadida what not..yes u get a cashier n im loving it...hahahah...maybe later i'll do some marketing...n after things getting serious, i'll start my own business...oiwhhhh..need to find some money for rolling!!!

nex week, in case u dunno, im going to langkawi with the whole family..cant wait..looking forward for island hopping this time around...HOPE SO!!but somehow, there's this one particular person is going to UK this coming saturday, n yes nana...let's see what we can do with zaid..AHAHAHAH...naseb baik ade nana and the kidss..cute!!!

tomorrow, out again to eat seafood- jgn lupe confirm your availability alrite..i hope by sms/call coz i shall not be opening this blog for quite sometimes soon!!

n owhh-this weekend kitorg off ke mantin n malacca!!marriage life is so much funnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! :) kalo tau dh kawen lame dh kan sayang??