Wednesday, December 31, 2008


shocking news update!!
i am now 56kg from 60kg!!
loose 4kgs :))
need to find an electronic weighing machine to confirm it...
any suggestion where??

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

finding love in cookings


today let's talk about LV!!

ahahhhh...i know what u're, not that LV...altho LV for me is Louis Vuitton, BUT LV also means love!!soooo...let's talk about love, since i didn't get enough love and attention...agagaga... :p

all the girls out there!!

have u ever feel that u've been left out by your love ones?? i dunno u girls, but no, i dont' feel like one family and my closest friends were always so nice to me, and i feel so blessed!!hamdulellah :)) even at times, they messed with your heart, but heyy, it'll recover soon...

ever thought of cooking can be that challenging?? think no more, once you cook for the one you love!!by cooking, it actually helps you to find your way to your loved ones heart!! come??so that's the question that we need to it really true??now help me, help me to find the suitable anwser...ngeee~~

girls, u dont need to be an expert to cook meals for your loved ones!!trust me...all you need to do is by showing your man that you care and love by cooking his favourite meal and serving can bring you both closer as it can be a touching gesture he cannot miss...when you cook, cook with all your heart and soul...the magic potion is the love you have for the one that you cook...but heyy, kalo dah x minat cooking tuh kan, xpayah laa masak...hahaha...sebab, letak byk mane potion love tuh pon, tetap x akan sedap...but anyways, it's not the taste that matters (wpun sbnrnye it matters :p) but it's actually the effort that u've been putting through while is said that though you may not be able to make the best of dishes but the love that u add to it can make it delicious!!

try any recipes, be it from the internet, books or maybe from your friends...

so girls, try out your own dish for your loved ones, and blend your love and life for that unique dish that flavors the heart :))

p/s : hope u like the spaghetti, mr superman :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

my weekend activities

long weekend with yet another one day of holiday...yeayyy...however, don't enjoy too much, since we're yet to open a new book for a new year ahead for us Muslims...closing the old book by reading doa and yassin are sunnah that lead us to new every ceromony, there's always an opening and a closing..that's what life is all about...hope that this new year, will bring us near to our Rab, and yet, help me to become someone better than yesterday...let by gone be by gone :)
the past two days was nothing else but hangouts with closest friends and family...on friday, went to Midvalley to have lunch with a bunch of ex schoolmates...and had promise to treat muza for her birthday and graduation...after deciding where to eat, atlast we had lunch at nando's.again for me..but i don't really care becoz i am actually a fan of nando's :p

the next day, we (atam,sera,sarif, nad the rest plus me) headed to Port Dickson for the guy's side...nothing much, except for, i had to carry the bunga paha which is damn heavyyy and been overshaded by that huge bunga paha...peiseyhhhh...and i tot i would glam on that wedding :p
agagaga...but nvrmind, still looked hot with the bunga anyways :D!!! perahsantan!! :p after the wedding, went to jusco and lepak at McD till about 12am with my aunties!! we reached home at 1.20am...heheh..that late :p and atam said that she wanted to sleep at our house...she woke up at around 1pm the next day...and there goes all my plan to hangout with my POMS!!!sorry guysss...really can't leave the house with her alone ehhh...

but anyways, muza went back to UK again, so i sent her to klia along with my sisters...had dinner there, and diet x jalan lahh td...terpakse mkn becoz x makan lagi dinner b4 7pm td...but again, i managed to not take rice yet!!heh :p

aku dan keaw tiaw ku...yang nk di fokus adalah aku :p bukan kuew tiaw!!

fokus kan lagi utk kali kedua...argghh..pasti rase nk melempang muke aku aku x kesah :p
x cukup fokus lagi...ok ok...xpe...kene control ayu lagi...byk kali attempt nih :D
belasah minum dragon fruit ice blended!!marvelous i tell sekali lagi, saye adelah objek yg difokuskan!! :D
kali ni zoom out object yg difokuskan bersame teman rapat nye... :p eheheh
object telah di zoom rapat sket bg nmpk jelas, namun kerana terlampau panas, gambar telah cair dan tidak jelas...ahah!!
ni lagi lahh...terus x masih ingin letak n tayang... :pahahh...object dh tension n malas bergambar...fokus pada muke yg poyo...dan yang lagi poyo adalah dibelakang itu :p

and my current feeling now is missing saeed and shepppp!! :((((

object fokus bersame saeedd...aku rinduuu :(

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

shopaholic in town

in case you dunno girls...
shopaholic is coming to your nearest cinema...but expect not until march i guess since the US release is around February!!let's see if the movie is as good as the novels anyway...btw, here's a snippet of that film starring Isla Fischer...enjoy..and owhh, that Rebecca Bloomwood doesn't sound like British...i wonder...but she is a British does she?? what do u think??do u think she looks hot??

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

what type of body are you??

i'm getting fat day by day...
i mean ok, im not that really fat, but yeahh i am fat...
starting from last two days, i have put on diet...not becoz i am really on diet, but for health concious!!talk about that, i have to avoid things like seefood, eggs, meats and etc...therefore, i am more towards vegeterian laa heh...adhoiii...imagine me with no lamb, ketam and keowtiow ladna!!damnn...but it's ok, i'll have to see the result in 4 months to come??uhuh...that long ehh...

and so, since i can't eat at all rite after 7pm, i dunno what to do!!usually i stuffed/munchying myself with snacks or sometimes eat nasi in the middle of the nite...i now started to browse and browse...and yes, i can't browse for food kan!!so i browse lahh baju2 yg aku teringin sgt nk the outcome is this big question!!shit lahh :p

who says money is not everything...??

after browsing tru so many things, i admitted that money is everything!!huhh...goshh, i really need these!!and now i run a tight stomach lahh :( but never mind...i know i can never have the money rite now since i'm not just let it be...but heyyy again!!who says that people with no money can have no imagination at all ehh??to dream and to imagine is one thing that God gave to us for hell yeahh...let's dream on :)) yippie!!!

when comes to the idea of dressing up, that's not really a problem for everyone...infact everyone can still look fabolous in the eyes of other, be it you are too slim, curvy, voluptous, petite or if u r the bonus type with a model figure, u can always look's the matter of how u manage to take out that fashion stress in you and create your own look!!

just look at someone petite like Eva Longoria, she looks so fresh, healthy and wonderful when she uses the right combination of fashion statement...simple yet it stands out...i have always like her cloths she wears in Desperate Housewives...sometimes, i imagine myself being like her...perfect body with perfect clothing in a perfect house...ahhh...sounds so perfect yet so unrealistic ehh...

but those with curvy body like errr* like sape ehh...Beyonce, Nicole PCD or nak lagi curvy Kim Kardashian pon nmpk cantik kalo menggayakan fashion yang sesuai...

and as for those who are very slim, i think that's not a problem...wearing tight cloth makes you look even thinner and sometimes look avoid using that, instead wear something that is flowy and not body silk dresses and layered it over with pretty cardigans...or wear the empire waist dress/belt...something like this by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

as for me, i guess i fall under the curvy categories...correct me if i'm wrong ehh...becoz, i dont think that i'm too slim, too short, too tall like model...heehhe...therefore, having the right image for a muslimah that still wanna looks trendy is actually a major problem i'm facing...i am no actress yet a model, but i'm just a simple muslimah who's trying to boom the world with her own fashion label one day :p

i found that someone curvy like me should wear:

1.silky shirt with flirty tops with frilly trim...or maybe something like on this link. it's a grey silk wrap cardigan by Principles.

frilly tops

satin blouse

2.layered the top with eyecatching for me, i wear hijab, so prolly an eyecatching hijab :p

3.long skirt which i have like a few...and with knee length boot!!i'm going to find a suitable one yg x panas utk pakai kat the skirts from LOSVE!!

4.simple dress or knitted dress..and currently i'm fond of this flannel empire line dress from Promod...this pic is just an on link above and view that wonderful dress!!

5.long coat...doesn't mean coat yg panas nk dodok kat USA far aku ade dua and byk tp dh bagi orang...and now i'm getting bored with the one i have after wearing it for about two times :p nichii offers classy coats at a reasonable price!!

6.leather jackets paired with trousers with braces...
found something like this from warehouse and Promod!!it's so cool..ok i'm keeping this style for my office style :p ofcoz i have to layer it with a jacket... now skrg my saliva dh meleleh nak semua nihh!!arghhhh....superman!!help me ehh :)))

and so girls, how about you??care to share your tips??feel free to do so... :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

tagging games

  • List these rules on your blog.

  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog. (macam similar to the previous one aku buat je)

  • Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.

  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

  • Link the person who tag you.

  • Leave a comment for each blogger.
ok i've been tag by my sister, and AGAIN being a very good little sis i am to her, i think why not i take my bloody on sweet time to do this :p hehe...

7 facts that u guys should know about me!!~this has been done before...i guess everyone knows these facts of me...atleast not everyone but that superman one lahh... :D

1. i like to wear black even tho i so0ooo loved pink!!but anyhow, i can be that vibrant one ehh :p

2.i like going to stationery and art wonder i'm looking for one to date :p

3.i woke up real late in the morning...even shopping won't today...ibu woke me up at 8.50!!she said, let's go to IKEA...and i was like...uhhhh....ngantok nih...wehh...serious ehh i nih hantu bangun tido awal!!kalo bgn awl to becoz of terpakse :D that's why shopping comes next!! :p i like going everywhere...kaki jalan :D

5.i buy strictly branded stuffs only OR yang takde brand terus...becoz i dont like wearing a fake one on streets... kind of things are eating/ trying out something it japanese, korean, western as long as it's cooked!!and i like yogurt drinks too!!especially strawberry/any berries...

7.i love britney to death!! :D mcm mangkuks je aku...bile nk insaf nih xtau lahh...ahahh!! :p

7 unspectucular quirks about me ~~errrr!!aku ade kah ini???nevermind...aku cube buat ehh...

1.i never like baking at all...even buat kuih raye whenever i got the idea of baking, ahahh...something crazy must have struck me, doing it for someone's the love feeling...yeahh...mcm mak aku suro buat donut ngn die...cute tuh aku buat...smpi hancur rupe die...hahh..

2.i'm a freak who's trying so hard to open her own label someday...maybe on my own...or maybe with a partner :)) i'm going to do a lots of business...just wait ehh...

3.i so0oo loved fashions and i'm now learning to draw fashions...that's my hobby during my leisure times...or sometimes, the idea just run tru my head only...keeping and saving it for the last...

4.i can be sweet to people who does sweet things to me, but when once u take away my trust on you, u know the better side of someone using me for their own benefits, that's not my way u better watch out...

5.i can be a very smart dont expect me that i'm that one of the bimbos!!

6.i like listening to musics with good/meaningful gives me idea whenever i feel like writing poems..

7.ok, last...i wish i can get married at the very early age...where, i can settle down with my business and go around the world with my husband...then i'm blessed!! :))

i'm tagging these seven if guys got the time, just do it...if not leave it eh...
:: ruqayyaa
:: jazzabelle
:: zal-szelinski
:: mizahh-smile
:: yatisakurakowa
:: miesmoshe
:: my princess much0k

Sunday, December 21, 2008

my cousin's wedding

my cousin who's at same age of me dah pun selamat kahwin okk!! the solemnization happened on the 19th dec before mawi and ekin..hehe :p the wedding's quite huge and happening with all the malam berinai and ntah ape ape adat lagi ntah yg aku xtau...hehehe...ofcoz laa...after all aina's the first child to get married...huhhh...and she's still studying!!wahhh :)))

tok imam's explaining what to do and what not to do..huh??

tok imam jadi wakil
telah pon selamat dinikah kan.. perform salat sunat after nikah...this is one of the sunnah...guys, remember to do this :)
merangkap pak joyah malam itu...i tell u, die paling noisy okkk!!
upacara batal air sembahyang...azam mencekik aina..sbb nk pasangkan rantai..menggigil2 seyhh..

di request oleh org ramai...

buat nk amik gambar...

aina plak in return bagi sebentuk cincin...

sanding dulu kejap sblm tukar baju lain...adik kaki posing rupenye...antar kat majalah mangga after this...

nk suro baling bunge, tp photograper skema siot...

hantaran kasut...aku suke kasut nih..
sirih junjung from us pihak perempuan...bertemakan hijo

semua gubahan diatas, ade sentuhan tgn aku...
tukar baju lagi
and ade byk lagi baju yg bertukar...thailand, india, western, malay and byk lagi...aku pon xtau bape pasang lahh...dlm 8 pasang pon ade kot!!!tp syg that time x bawak camera lagi...anyways...CONGRATULATIONS...semoga ko jadi isteri yang baik n solehah!!ameen :))

Thursday, December 18, 2008

brand new and second hand worries, all are in good conditions!!

so far baju yang tinggal adalah...
1. skirt by colours
2. nicole mnj choc blouse
3. hippie skirt
will let u know if there's some more ehh!!

help me girls...
i'm letting go some of my stuffs that i can no longer wear...
not becoz it's horrible or in bad condition,but becoz i can no longer get my big tummy and ass inside it anymore!!!hahahah...after so many crush diets (yeahhh...with all the nandos, kenny,pizza, mcd, seafoods :) i had to give away all my beloved belongings!!...ok, i dunno if anyone's interested or not, but if u do, pls drop me a line!!thank you :)

SOMMERSET BAY zorro blouse :p
retail price :rm 129
selling price : rm 10 only...i'm letting go becoz it's white and im phat bebeyhh :p

COLOURS floral beaded long skirt
black and white in color, with lovely beaded floral motives at the bottom and black lining inside, giving flawless move as you walk in it. wore only twice!!

retail price is at rm99.90
i'm giving it away at : rm35 only!!
colors may vary from photographs.

VJ JEANS floral dress

short sleeve with knee-length dress...size is M...still at a very good condition, even tho have worn it several times(about 3-4 times)...

retail price: rm89.90
selling price: rm20 only!!
updated: sold

ZARA zig zag stripes top

80% rayon, 10% nylon and 10% polyester...

retail price: dun remember
selling price : RM7!!

ROMP grey floral top with vest
(never worn)
long sleeve top, but u can make it 1/4 by rolling it up(optional)...the top has been worn for about three times, but the vest is still brand new without tag!!

retail price: top- rm59.90, vest : 15rm
selling price : rm15 total!!

current status updated : reserved and sold!

Pink floral kneaded top!!

bought it from a vintage shop...never worn and still brand new with no hurry up...dun worry...

retail price : rm 65
selling price : rm 35 only

brand new SOMMERSET BAY pink dress

brand new with no tag, still in good condition, except for the zip(it's not working) but u can still change the zip only...and x pernah sempat pakai pon!!citer die, sbb aku gemuk, then nk cube pakai, then bile nk zip, hahahah...bushhhhhhhhhhh :p u know the story lah kan :D

retail price : rm129
selling price : rm 40 only (sbb zip suke sgt baju nih tp sedih sbb x muatttttt :((()

updated: sold

dark choc blouse with vintage hippie-long skirt

suitable for office workers/ socializing :p

retail price: blouse-rm79.90. skirt-rm49.90

selling price: blouse-rm 10, skirt- rm 5

brand new NICHII polka dot top/dress
u can wear it with blouse/trousers...depends...brand new with tag!!

retail price: rm 69.90
selling price : rm 50 only!!
updated : sold

ok, if u think u guys are interested, and want me to post on upcoming let-go stuff, do tell me eh...right now cume percubaan...nk tgk dpt feedback tak...huhuh...alrite then...daaaaa :)