Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mothercare's on sale :p

Hello peeps...
March's almost done, and we're entering April very soon. What have I done so far? Hmmm I've start my work, hence the hectic. The office is still under renovations. Lots to be done before the new arrival. Hopefully, at least to clear up all the old documents and things to be put away!! Hubby and I are  putting our very best at work.

1. To update the company's profile
2. To compose and design our new catalog for the products.
3. To start looking for new tenders
4. To register and re-register with companies/government.
5. To apply new license and etc.
We've just got the internet in the office! Pheww, imagine life without internet. I only got to online 5-10 minutes at my mum's house, so I'm too rush to update my blog. But when I'm at my in-laws, there's no internet connection. 

One more thing, we're expecting to move-in into our own crib, very soon. The earliest will be this coming May! And that's another story! Gosh with all the packings and cleaning ups to be done, I'm not too sure if I'm still fit to do it all. Hahhhh, the baby will be out soon around June!

I'm sorry for not posting on my pregnancy lately. Thought of uploading my current bump, but no maybe next time. My bump is getting bigger day by day that I no longer fit my current clothes. Start buying new ones, apparently baju ibu mengandung mahal la plak. But what the hell, I MUST!

p/s: MOTHERCARE tengah sale!!k sape nak sponsor pape, sila contact saya!!kahkahkah