Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wasting times

So I went for the check-ups today and turned out that the nurses are way better than the doctor. I think the doctor is new to the whole thing, plus she looks young to me, maybe with little experience. She kept on doing phone calls for God knows how long a call can be. During check-ups, she's been looking at her phone on and off often that it irritated me alot. No, she did not measure my bump or what-not, and she forgot to take my blood sample for HIV test, which in the end, I had to ask the nurse when should i get the test and when is my next appointment since she didn't note that down too. She did write out that I'm suppose to take a glucose test but didn't mention when again. Haihhhh doctor doctor. Maybe working at a Klinik Desa doesn't give you the popularity kot...

 ok, that's me on my 20th weeks of pregnancy to be exact. I hope i can still fit the baju kurung i bought for kak ros's wedding which is next month!!I bought La Senza's S size nightwear( to be precise-brand new with tag) and I'm thinking of letting it go. Maybe, but i dunno yet, hubby thinks i looked ok in it. Infact hawttt :p

Anyways, I overheard someone said she ate maggi and the nurses bising2 sket la...If i were that girl, I wouldn't dare telling the nurse that i ate instant noodle. Ok i don't eat maggi atleast, but i do cook instant noodle, trust me, it's my first ever instant noodle during my pregnancy. What do u expect?I'm always a fan of instant noodle. However, i came across this new instant noodle last month(well at least it looks new to me :p) and decided to give it a try until yesterday. Have you ever heard KOKA?

 KOKA instant noodles, mind the blurriness, my camera meragam sket.

The company that produces this brand is from Singapore, and the noodle is MSG-free, less salt, less everything and suitable for vegetarians. It comes with all sorts of flavor like, chicken flavor, mushroom flavor, tomyum and so on. Well I had a taste of tomyum and I must say it is quite good, although it is not that spicy compared to Thailand's instant noodle. I put lotsa veggie in it, to make it look healthy (eventho i know, instant noodles are always not healthy heh), cili padi like 7-8 of them(terpakse belah separuh je, sebab nak avoid dari kunyah cili padi kalo potong kecil-kecil), some lemongrass, ginger, onions, garlic and not to forget prawns!!

 ahh so hot and delicious!

 And here's a close up zoom. ahhh the prawn makes me drools now!!I want some more, but no, I can't!!See I told ya i put lotsa veggies in it :p

Meanwhile, I bought myself a cormfie shoes from Clarks and I'm loving it :) I hope this flats can last me tru my pregnancy. I don't wanna buy any flats no more, but yes, I'm still eye-ing myself on heels, and more heels!! tadaaaaa!! How cute is that? Well at least i think it is cute tho :p And owh, it's the latest design btw, the salesgirls told me. Ko tipu pon ape aku kesah ye dakkk??

little updates

Hello peeps,
Today's the day for my regular check-ups with the doctor at Klinik Desa Dato' Abu Bakar Baginda. I loved going there as the services are quite efficient for a government clinic. No hustle and everything goes smoothly without rush. Plus, i get all the infos I want here, compared to when I did my check-ups at one of the public sectors (won't mention it here, takut kene sue :p) After all, being the local citizen, all the check-ups and medications are free. I mean it, like freaking free!! Lucky I live somewhere we call a village :D Please pray that everything goes well, because 2 weeks ago, when we did the blood test, I found out that my hemoglobin was low (beneath the average points), hence the reason why I need to come again within 2 weeks time to meet the doctor. I was given a green sticker, which means I'm under precautions when white stickers are for those who has no problems at all.

Lately, I've been losing my appetite to eat. I do crave things like Nando's and all that(tapi tak pergi pon lagi), but somehow I eat at a very small portion, even less than the one I used to before getting pregnant. I don't know if it's healthy for the baby or not, but I kinda worried, you know. Hubby on the other hand always beg and forcing me to eat. Few days back, I've been taking 1 slice of bread with a cup of formula milk only. When night comes, my skin and lips looked pale that he was so worried and force me to eat something. I know it will harm the baby, but i don't feel hungry at all, trust me.

Next up, I'll post you some pics of my current bump. heeee :p

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How it started??

Ever wonder on how I got my name? errr...I mean my blogger name, who is anarauda? Don't just assume that anarauda means "saya rauda". Well technically it seems yes, but the truth is beyond that. I always wanted my name to have two characters.

Back in the old days, all of my friends got two names or more than two, where I'm the only one with one name except for Balqis. You see, Maizatul Aqma, Wan Nur Hidayah, Wan Alia' Nusaibah, Teh Saleha, Teh Munira, Nur Hasyimah and the list goes on. Hahhh, how annoying is that when you're the one with one name.

Ok, back at that time, I used to be someone who doesn't appreciate with my own name. Sorry, not that I don't like my name Raudhah, but why not Raudhah ............(isi tempat kosong mana bunyi yang rhymes). So, I started to create my own name and I thought that Raudhah Farhana sounds nice. Well at least at that time. hahahah lame!! I told people that my real name was supposed to be Raudhah Farhana, and of course some believed and some didn't.

Hence, when I started to write my own blog, I thought of putting my nickname as anarauda, and surprisingly I like the name until now. Now, do you have any story on how you've come across with your blog's name/url's name. I should make this as my tagging games that I'm creating, so those who are listed HERE at my blogger lists, you've been tagged!! and not to missed, tentaputih my new follower, sorry I haven't updated yet my links to your blog. In fact ramai lagi...


Monday, January 25, 2010

newborn checklist

Phewww...Although having a nice home of your own right now is the most essential things I'd ever need in my entire life, but I need to put that aside and let it be my second priority. My first priority now is to buy all newborn items which I'm not familiar with, since this is like my very first time getting pregnant! Like the other day, we went to look for a baby cot, but then, it turned out we hunting for something else. There's this one particular furniture shop opposite the Glennegles Hospital in Ampang was having a major closing down sale. So you can imagine how i wanted all ,that i freaked out, omg if i ever going to buy this, where am I going to put it? At one point, i felt so stressed out that I can't even do anything about it. Lain yang aku cari, lain yang aku lihat. Yela, yang di cari plak, xberkenan di hati. haihhh.

Pray for me, that anytime soon I'll be living in my own house. It doesn't matter if we rent a house first or kalau I dah berkemampuan, to buy my own house for investment. I think i need some privacy, after all I'm about to give birth own child. I know at first we said it's ok to live at parents house, but once you are pregnant, you cannot think the same way again. Yes, money-wise is the main problem, but I'd rather give up all my shopaholics addiction (all branded handbags, shoes, clothes) for the sake of living on my own. I want to settle down in my own crib, and live in a place where you can call it home-sweet-home. But anyhow, back to my second priority which is to give ways on baby needs first.

I've done some research here and there, which includes surfing the net, read some books, blog-hopping and etc, but still I am still blur on what items that I need to buy. I know I have to buy this and that, trust me, I've got all the checklist with me, but whenever I went to the store, these questions keeps popping out in my head "Do i really need this thing? What if i ended up not using it? Wouldn't it be a waste? Isn't it too early?". You see, those kind of questions.

Hmmmm, at first we thought of buying towels, newborn cloths and other essential needs, however there's always this negative thought in my mind "It's going to be boring to buy the same color , yeah knowing that we don't even know the gender of the baby". You know, it's so annoying that it really bugs me. Come on, we haven't decided yet whether we wanted to know the gender of the baby that I'm carrying, tho. I want it to be a surprise, like owhh wait it's a boy, omg it's a girl like that kinda situation.

On the other hand, come to think of it, it will be better and well-prepared if we know the gender. Like, buying stuffs and all that. Somehow, not all the tests are accurate. What if u buy all the things, then it turned out to be the opposite. Hahahaha you don't want a boy to be wrapped in pink, or a girl to be looked as a boy wouldn't you? All in all, I need to re-think again. Maybe we should know the gender first, and buy according to what comes first (don't overbuy, you don't want to waste so much for a first child).

So ladies, I need a little help out here, do share any info regarding during pregnancy/after pregnancy. If you got any blogs to be share with, do leave me the link to that particular blog. It doesn't matter if the blogs are online shopping for baby needs, or pantang larang untuk ibu mengandung, or products to buy and what-not will do. Anything that can help me will do, and I'll appreciate it so much. Till then.

Meanwhile, here's a pic of my current owh-so-obvious-bump which i  somehow like it surprisingly, when at first I think it's kinda drastic to see the changes in me. I think I look sexy, well at least I think. I don't care if others think that I'm a big fat pregnant women yang diletak dalam sarung nangka. Hahahaa... guess berape bulan agaknya sekarang? All i know is that, it looked smaller compared to other mommies I've met at the clinics/when check-up sessions.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The crisps that walk.

I've been craving for walkers ever since big sister got back from UK last September just before Eid. She bought back a whole bunch of packages that lasted for 2-3days cause we munched like a cow during our "lepak-lepak" time. At that time, i didn't realize yet that i was carrying an extra weight, so i ignored the feeling of wanting more.

But after founding out that my best friend went to UK last December, i anticipated for more and ordered from her. And she was like, why why do you want it so badly and then she found out that i was actually craving for it, so she was like ok for the sake of it. hahaha as if she's not going to buy for it if not knowing the whole idea.

So right after she got back, we hadn't got the chance to meet up since she's busy with her business and marriage plans. Just today, she came and dropped by at my mum's house and sent me the walkers!!And now, I feel like a kid munching away the crisps that i guess it will lasted me for a day??hahahah being me I'm always a fan of potato chips.

my walkers :)

Currently, my second favorite local chips is Chipster especially their original flavor! Altho nothing can be compared to Lays and Walkers, but at least Chipster tasted quite nice and affordable!Go to their website, I enjoyed listening to the munching background noise. Sounds so tasty!!

Are you a fan of chips?tell me your favorite chip and why do you like it so i might give it a try :) Altho most of the chips here in Malaysia I've tried :p

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A tribute to my "loyal" follower :p

I don't know when but it has been a while my blog being followed by this anonymous follower named anazul (come on, you know who you are dude!!). OMG you really get into my nerves! God, I shuddered just to thinking of you reading out my blog that I almost freakout. It's not that my blog has any kinda privacy or what, but to know your own ex-junior mate read your blog, ahhaa it's kinda weird. The most funny part is, he likes to call me anarauda, hence the reason why his anonymous name is anazul!!hahahaha what the..... Don't let me write that out :p Nevermind, all i want to say is that, I know old readers maybe started to stop following this blog since the blog macam "hidup segan mati tak mahu" but, hey new readers, welcome to the blog.

hahaha anazul, sorry i just had to upload/POST a pic of you here :p 
p/s: pic is courtesy from anazul's facebook.

This blog is about fun, boring, life, hate, love, FASHION, updates and BABIES?nahhh....this blog is just about everything. Do me a favor, and why don't you guys list out on what do you want me to write on this blog at my comment inbox. I would love love love to hear the feedback from you guys so that i got plenty of ideas to write on.

p/s: last night we test-drive our new car....errr???when can i have one ehh? :p impossible is nothing!!wake up sleepy-head and rock the world. I know you can do it!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

kuda ku lari gagah berani!!

seronok tgk org lain melahirkan anak...
me on the other hand, telah pertama kali mendengar bunyi jantung kamu dengan jelas sekali...
jelas sungguh kuat and berdegup laju seperti kuda yang gagah berlari...aku tak tipu...
dalam diam aku menitis air mata...
sukar untuk ungkap perasaan itu...

aku mulai terima kehadiran kamu.... :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jadi student balik~hehe

Learning something old isn't the new thing. Like having to revise back all the subjects that I'd learn in secondary school really cracks my brain into pieces. Tonight only, I flipped through a book on Mathematics, i must say that finally i realized how much I've forgotten almost everything. Studying architecture makes me forgot all the formulas, since we no longer touch on it. For us, 1+1 is equal to 3!! Recently, little sister decided to take SPM (10 subjects) and went for private school somewhere in Cheras. She's the only one in our family who did not continue for secondary school, instead she learned Islamic Studies. Now, she's an Ustazah with a tauliyah although she doesn't like to be called one.hehe.

She hopes to continue her studies by doing degree in any university somewhere around middle east. Most probably Al-Azhar. So, she started by taking STAM( an examination on higher level for Islamic studies that is the same level as STPM) last year and this year, she sets out for SPM since Malaysia needs at least BM for qualification. Hence the reason why i must crack my brain for her too. I'm a bit worried because we've got so much things to catch up. she needs to cover up all in one year. When i say all, that covers up f1-f5 topics!!Let's hope for the best, and ruqayya~u need to discipline yourself and stop playing around.

Meanwhile, on the other hand i need to buy some tropical questions books starting from now on. And, kindly inform me if any of you wants to sell/lend me their f4's textbooks. I want M3, Science, Sejarah. Anyone with brothers/sisters?Thank you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

yang pertama!!

oh no...this is like my very first post ever for the new year and now it's already jan 10th!!how time flies...yeahhh new year dah lepas, but still i got some little assignment from my dad~ which is to write a speech on new year's resolutions!!hahhh like i had one??come to think of it, semua orang pon patut ada kan walaupon selalunye xsemua kite kecapi akhirnye??hahahah macam aku, konon nk tulis blog and update selalu tetapi tak jugak akhirnye...teruk seyhhh!!!

anyways, i'm gonna start this year's post by doing tagging games from sera, which is another reason utk tolong aku yang ketandusan idea dalam ape nak tulis lately...hmmmm...sekarang pon, nak main internet pon dah malas sebab better things to do...FB, YM semua dh kurang layan...what am i??sehat ke macam tuh korang rase??aku rase tak, sbb aku rase mcm aku dh makin jadi macam pompan tua!!!hahahahahah

1. First time you met him - when and where?
first time i met him was in 2005, we were in the same batch doing architorture...he 'clumsyly' knocked my model down(i dunno if he did it on purpose chehh chehh :p) when it was the time for crit session!!i got mad ofcoz, but dalam hati jelahh...kat luar hipokrit kate takpe takpe, model aku buruk aku bleh pasang balik...then die rase bersalah tolong pasang model aku yang buruk tuh!!!hahahah time tgh pasang2 tuh laaa borak2 ngn die tanye die dok mane( ni mmg soalan pertama aku kalo nk borak ngn org :p) then it happened to be die dok bangi which is very near to my house...pastu aku cakap, ehh padanlaa macam penah nmpk...keje kat warta ke???HAHAHAHAHA!!!ok lame :p

2. Love at first sight?

nope, my love at first sight always happened to be someone so hot and a movie star!!hahahahah

3. Who is he when the first time you met him?
budak poyo palaing tua dalam kelas...yelaa, kitorg time tuh budak matrics abes belajar, then die plak budak die rase die poyo arr sbb die lagi tua xmo kawan ngn budak kecik2 hingusn macam kitorg!!heheheh mmg ye pon die poyo...smpikan setiap kali jumpe die EHH POYO LAAA KOO!!!(skrg tak dah, skrg panggil ehh sayang laa u :p~~moral of the story, jgn tak suke org, nnti sangkut!!)

4. How long does it takes for him to ask you out for a date?
sbb die nih poyo, so lama gak laa...masa ajak kuar pon mcam kawan and kuar ramai2...padahal time tuh dh mcm kamceng gile dh and main main feeling...tapi still masing2 tak nak admit kottt!!! :D

5. First dating place?
DATARAN MERDEKA!!!hahahahaha aku anak merdeka :p kalo tanye die pon, sure die xingt agaknye???betol ke??hahahaha org selalu dating kat kedai makan ke, bawak movie ke, tapi tak...kitorg gi dataran merdeka and appreciate old buildings kat situ...kata architecture student seyhh!!! :D

6. How he proposed?
die bagi hint...aku tak tau die ingt ke tak...tapi, relationship kitorg mmg complicated sket time tuh :p instead of panggil KAU AKU...die die selalu panggil die akim, friends called him he started using akim instead of AKU when with me...and ODA instead of KAU...progression org kata!! :p that's when i started to realize, ok something's going on, and i can feel it...he WANTED more than just a friend!!tapi still die tak cakap lagi I LOVE YOU ok...pastu, when my big bro kawen 15/07, that nite he said he wanted to chat with me...we chatted bla bla bla sampi laa die propose aku jadi special friend die...kitorg kawan, but still aku malas nk heboh kat semua org, ohh ini bf aku, as long as family aku tau ngn sape aku berkawan sudah...smpi laa die dtg meet my father and ckp nk kawen ngn aku(wat rancangn tanpa pengetahuan aku) pastu tup tup tunang and kawen terus rite after belajar!!!!

7. Special date with him?
first memorable date with him was makan nasi bubur kat kampung baru!!ni bagi aku laa...sbb aku tgk die comel cube nak pakai chopstick mcm aku jugak...skrg nih die mcm jadi ketagih nk gune chopstick kalo makan japanese, korea and chinese food...hahahaha

8. Changes that he asked you to do?
jgn asyik merajuk je...tpi nak wat cmner, aku mmg suke merajuk :p

9. What is about him that you love so much?
his protectiveness!!always wanna protect me, that makes me feel safe whenever i'm around him...

10. What is it about him that you wish he would change?
taknk laa gemuk sgt syg!!dah tak tough dahhh :( but it's ok, i know his happy. that's why he ate alot :p

11. You lose your mind and crack your head when he…
plays game and wake up early and g mandi...sampi aku cakap, ALAAAA SYG NIH MCM PAKCIK PAKCIK TUA LAA, bgn pagi terus mandi :p aku lain citer, bgn 'pagi' busuk2 atas katil lagi :p

12. You will smile through your eyes when he…
tido pegang hp xnk lepas main game, pastu berdengkur...oh goshh...bukan smile!!annoying aku tutup hidong die!!!hahahahah pastu aku gelak guling guling...

13. Complete the sentence, "My love towards my husband is as big as ...''


ok so now im tagging u guys mai, miza, anis, q, and anyone out there yang suke nak wat nih!! peace out bebeh!! :p