Monday, January 31, 2011

Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears

Oh my, we're in the process of cleaning up the office. God I hate it, but we had no choice but to do it anyway because who else will? Shifting, Positioning, Vacuuming and you name it, it's all under our own very good fingertips. Hehe let's move on to another topic, it's sickening describing the whole process. The best part of cleaning up is - it's an excuse for you to go shopping for items to decorate the space although the items are freaking Dustbin and Floor Mat!!

And oh by the way, my reason of writing this out is to share with you guys with my latest obsession...heheh

I forgot to update that Britney Spears has just released her first single for the upcoming 7th Studio Album called Hold It Against Me last 11th January 2011. The song was produced by Dr Luke and Max Martin. I've been a fan of her since I was 12 and until now I still follow her latest gossips/stories at

Love the beat, very strong and energetic. By the way, listen to the song while reading out this post, then you really get what I mean.

Love to the max (altho the song is not suitable for my baby to listen to) heh!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chicken Curry Nyonya Style

Or in my case, it's more to "campak" style...hehe

These past two weeks, I have been keeping myself busy "out" and "away/nearer" to the kitchen until hubby's complaining not eating my cooking. After all, I was not feeling very well and everyday we went to Alamanda. Ehem, to set a record straight, I managed to complete my one-whole-week going/went to Alamanda. Boringgg, I know but what else can we do??

Oh well, like he used to say, he doesn't seem like eating if it's not my cooking. God bless for having a husband like him. Phew!!

Today seems a lovely day to play "masak-masak" since Lulu's behaving, not that she's not behaving before (plus anyway, hubby holds him all the time hehe, my siblings always make a joke of me, if Hubby's not around then Lulu tuh di parking tepi diorang ahaha - wonderful siblings they are!!) but I sort of got all the ingredients to cook. Hihi...

Ok here goes:
5-6 shallots
1 red onion

Everything goes into the blender, and blend!

Chicken - sliced into small pieces if you like
White Potatoes - Sliced and fried, set aside
Curry Leaves
Dried Chilis
About 1 tbsp of curry powder
and if you're the spicy type like me, add about 7-9 cili padi
Air asam jawa/tomatoes will do/asam keping
Coconut Milk
Pinch of salt of course

Masa sidai baju nampak daun kari ni, so niat dalam hati nak masak kari ayam...heheh
Next, heat the wok with some cooking oil, throw in the curry leaves and a handful of dried chili, stir awhile followed with the mixed ingredients. Once you see the oil boiled, add in the curry powder. Make sure to "bancuh" the powder before mixing it into the wok. Next add in the chicken/potatoes(I fried the potatoes first and set aside) and coconut milk. Again, stir fry until it fragrant and you can see the oil boiled. Season it with salt and air asam jawa and leave the gravy for a while to dry a little bit,/let the chicken cook.  Leave about 15-20minutes, then the dish is ready.

Checkout my previous post on how to cook this
My hubby's comment, if you know him, he's the type that never says something delicious aka sedap but

"ok, bleh masak lagi" while showing thumbs up (kalau kat Bangladesh nih, laki aku dah kene sepak sebab tunjuk ibu jari hahaha - go google what's the meaning of thumbs up to them)

Lulu on the other hand, keeping herself busy with "crawling lessons"...
Help me, Mummy!!

I'll post up a video of her later and owh by the way, selamat mencuba :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Love :)

Funny that I have put the track-meter to countdown my anniversary with hubby at the very top-right-corner of this blog. Funny that for almost two years, we have never yet went on a vacation as two. Funny that we didn't go for our honeymoon right after we got married. Funny everything seems okay back then because we both agreed that once we've got the money, then we can plan for our honeymoon together. I mean, everything is funny for me. Because being me, I was always the type who never had enough of everything. But this love has developed me into someone with high patience, I kid you not. Now that after we had Lulu, we decided that finally, we are going for our first honeymoon (even if dragging Lulu along is considered as one '__") and that sets to nowhere yet since we can't really choose which destinations suitable for babies. Of course there's a lot of things to consider when bringing an infant to your holiday trip.

At first, we thought of going somewhere nearer to our house, probably a one night stay at Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya just to name a few, but then there's no adventure to it. But one thing for sure, I know we have to save some money, as it will be some major spending during the holidays, eh shopping while honeymoon-ing, hehe...Both hubby and I were excited saving up our piggy bank. Cute, I know, except that the piggy bank doesn't even look like a piggy *arghhh please give me one* hehe...

However, I can't help myself to feel sorry for not(will not) attending hubby's family trip to Port Dickson, which falls on the same date. Sorry, but this time I have to be selfish, I mean I really really really want this vacation to happen, for only us. I hope everyone understands. Nevertheless, I'm giving out all my support to the upcoming activities and will still collaborate some ideas in between.

I really hope this 2011 will be my traveling year, and I'm really looking forward to it. Bring it on :) But for now, enjoy our previous solemnization event pictures although it's a bit basi, but whatever!!!

I miss my bridesmaid so much. Can I fly over to Bangalore now? Air Asia is having a great deal now!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Taste Restaurant, Bandar Baru Bangi

This is what happen when you've got nowhere else to eat for lunch in Bangi. I mean, we're always stuck at one restaurant for the rest of the week just because there's only two restaurants nearby our office. Heck we start the engine and hop-off to try somewhere new. A place that is decent for...ehemmm dating? Yes, we never had enough. So I said, if we want to have western, then I really want to try out this restaurant. I've been eye-ing the restaurant ever since they've put their signboard on. Not to mention they even came out in the monthly advertisement booklet that we get. This restaurant must be something, I guess.

Taste Restaurant. I so like the font, they really have got taste. Go and like their FB page here
Owh yes, since we went there late, hence we missed out their promotion for lunch which is valid only from 12pm-3pm. Sigh, or else I might be enjoying the free-flow Teh O Ais. I didn't manage to capture the banner, but I do get a snap of this :

Their special menu.
When we entered the restaurant, we know that this is the place that we really want. Quiet, cozy and comfortable. Perhaps maybe we're the only one whose late for lunch.

Loving the blue color!
Checking out the menu.
Can't decide which menu to choose since there are lots of varieties from pasta-noodles-western-malay and etc.

 Miss Lulu sure wants to have a grip of anything in-front of her.

Look, she can't sit still. Naseb pakai baju sama warna. hehe
Delicious. Will try their Pandan Layer Cake later.

In the meantime, while waiting for our order, we had the taste of their carrot cake.

RM5.00 per slice.

He can't get enough of it. Next time we won't share ok? Hehe
Then, time for the main course.

Hubby had Nasi Beriyani. He always go for Nasi Beriyani.

Nasi Beriyani - RM13.00
Mine - Chicken Mushroom.


Definitely finger licking. The chicken is so crispy!
As for Lulu, she had this:

What else? My milk-shake of course. And that's for free. Hehe.

I was full then and got him to finish it.
It was a lovely dining experience so all in all, we think that we might come again and give a "taste" of their other menus. Thumbs-up.

p/s: Owh by the way, did i mention anything about this friendly lady? Go there, their service are good :) Keep it up.

I just don't care

Being a mummy is hard. At times people will see you as the bad mummy. Often you get questions from others

"She looks thin."
"Tak bagi makan ke?"  0.455g (OMG Lulu just type that!!0.455g - exactly timing for weight discussion!)

Learn to accept what people think, let them call you the "bad mummy".

Picture courtesy of Sera's husband.

I just think my baby is healthy and wonderful. Full-stop.

Saturday, January 1, 2011



I hope everyone is in their very best condition to start the new year with, new resolutions to accomplish. Every first move will be remembered for the rest of their lives. People get married, loved, breakups, born and not to forget some will leave us behind. It's the date that everyone wants to write a memory on.


The very first day of the year - is the very first move for all of us.- quoted by me! hehe

As for Lulu, I mean as off today, she'll be starting her solid food! God she's getting big and bigger everyday. It's kinda weird but I don't like the feeling of giving her something else besides my milk. hahaha I can't wait her reaction to this. I know I've said before that perhaps I'll be starting off around 7-8m. But now she's like 6m and 15days, I thought maybe that wouldn't be a harm. hehe