Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crazy Crap stuff

OMG it's been nearly 5 months i didn't post a thing here. I wonder if any of my readers are starting to migrating away from this blog. haha. Lol, i found myself having bad times writing away my thoughts. It's not like I'm working out on something, but still, nothing seems to happen lately.

Again, i starting to wonder if i should really continuing blogging or just delete this so-called anarauda blog? Lately, i had no interest doing things that i used to love. Life is beautiful, so love your life. That's what I've been repeating  every time  i find it hard to.

I really hope from now on I shall be keeping this blog updated because I'm trying to work my mind out!!I think I'm getting old and nuts, what with all the watching tv and sleeping. Crazy crap!! hushhhhhhhh

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm officially a desparate housewife :p

Ever noticed my status at facebook?

it's time to get back to real designing world!!house renovations and fashion designs!!20 hours ago

Then I got some feed backs from my dear friends. Some saying :
Famiza Borhan
ko dah dpt keje ke
Yesterday at 12:15pm · Delete
Nurhazwani Abdullah
keje kat mane odahh? cm best je dgr
Yesterday at 1:22pm · Delete

And what did i reply to them??
Rauda Lee
if u consider freelance as a work..:p xstart job hunting lgi :p will do will do.. :)
Yesterday at 4:03pm · Delete

I dunno whether quitting my job now is really a good decision I've made in my life.but taking my husband's advice, I'd follow anything he wanted me to do. At times, i feel that I'm useless. No directions, no one wants me, even someone is laughing at me, they feel very happy for me. For them, it's a good news, no? perhaps I'm wrong, But my inner instinct told me that they're talking about me. Yes, and they did. :( Deep inside I'm melting. I started to feel the hatred around me. Right now on, all i want is your trust. I don't care what others may think of me, but all i care is you, trusting me or not?

I know, this is just the beginning, and yet there's always something major happening soon. I need to be strong and ignores everything around me. I won't do the talking no more, but let the people around me do the judging. They'll know who's wrong, who's right. After all, I don't have anything to lose.

Oh Allah, please be with me!! :(
I may look strong outside, but inside only You knows better.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

maybe you dont wanna read this post!

dear readers,

first of all, i would like to wish everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR N BATIN before it's too late.yes!this is like my very first post after hari raya.

secondly, i welcomed everyone of u to my newest layout!cool isn't it, no?well at least i do think so.all thanks to miss roxy geds geds!ok, i've said earlier to give you something in return eh?just wait eh.i'll post it to u later, even tho we live under one roof.

lastly, i need to think of something else to write!

daaaaaa :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


boring bile bukak je blog nih rasa nak bercerita pasal diriku...tapi memang ye pon kene gitu sebab nama blog ini pon anarauda :p jadi pasti rasa basi tentang diriku...aku pon dah naik basi tengok blog nih (basi disini bukan bermaksud aku nak tukar kepada blog lain mahupon tidak mahu lagi menulis tentang diriku, tapi basi disini kerana aku rase layout blog ini sudah tidak lagi dapat menampung keperluan asas semasa) yelahh, traffic blog ini jugak telah melonjak naik dengan kehadiran pembaca-pembaca seperti dari kalangan keluargaku sahaja :D (SAPA LAA NAK BACA BLOG KO SENGAL) :psekali sekala pasti aku ingin memberi update gambar terbaru ku agar mereka yg membaca dapat mengubat rindunya padaku!heh :p

oleh kerana terlalu teruja untuk menukar layout baru lagi, maka aku memerlukan beberapa khidmat pakar diluar sane...setelah hampir setahun aku menulis blog, aku maseh tidak reti bagaimana nak upload features features yang menarik untuk tatapan umum :( haihhhh sungguh sungguh aku beritahu, aku tidak tahu (mungkin akibat kurang makan tahu??tapi takpe, baru semalam aku ke tesco dan membeli tahu telur untuk aku tumis bersama sayur goreng nanti!!pasti bertambah sedap masakan itu nanti)...ok balik kepada motif asal...

1. tolong bagi aku pilihan layout mana and mana aku perlu pilih and dimana n bagaimana nak menukarnya...oleh itu, aku dengan sukacitanya, akan memberi hadiah worth RM50 bagi sesiapa yang dapat designkan sesuatu blog yang luarbiasa n dapat memenuhi citarasa saya...malah, saya juga mempunyai item item yang boleh diguna pakai untuk menambahkan lagi ciri-ciri anarauda...

2. contact me asap, and let's talk business!!(just place your comment in my box, or give me a call)
gambar dibawah sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu taste dan pilihan citarasa yang mungkin berkaitrapat dalam pembikinan blog ini...highheels, overcoat/cardigan, fashion, travel and etc...i love funky colors too!!or shall i say kinky pinkehhhh??

i soo0oo love the pose!!feels like another ANTM!!hehehe ok aku perasan!!

p/s : cuba teka bapa banyak aku telah spend untuk bulan ini sahaja??itu belom termasuk shopping raya!!aku xbeli ape pon lagi untuk raya...waaaaaaaaaaaaa...even nak bayar dzullclassique lagi nk sedia duit raya!!haihhh

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MBA (masa boring anda)

blogging now seems a bit challenging for a lazy-ass like me yahhh...getting my ass to sit down and write something, is a major problem, let alone putting my damn fingers on the keyboard and type is yet another story...hahhhhh!!tired...ok i know i know...i should n't have let this blog untouched...i've got no time :(

my last post entry was on 24th of june n that was two months ago!!now we're starting on a brand new september 2009!!how time flies...i'm officially a wife for a whole 3months and 10days!!nope, dont ask me whether im pregnant or not yet??do u even care??

what shall i say about my life rite now??im super boring i guess...not that i'm boring doing my duty as a wife, no, but i dunno how to describe it...applying for jobs take me ages to do so..compiling portfolios and preparing resumes got me thinking twice!!currently im happy doing what im work stress related or no work loads to worry about except for the fact that *you-know-what* issues happening around me lately...those that are close to me knows me very well....(shopping every month- clothes, shoes and books- that's a must!!)

sometimes i wonder, studying architecture- is it my biggest mistake in my life????what do u say about it??i say NO!! the biggest mistake in my life is to study architecture in UM...architecture is what i love, and becoz of that, i feel so down and hell lot of pressure with the outcome result...stressful and hurt makes me no good and nowhere!!applying job with a cgpa like that makes it even, i've seen many yg apply job even cgpa lagi teruk dari aku, n they've got the job...but being me, i'm so malu to even apply...maybe becoz, this has never happen to me before...such a big failure in life...maybe one day, i'll teach my kids to accept failure and dun always think to win...

looking back at my past exam results, i did well...not that i'm being proud here...but what i'm trying to say is what a failure can do to me!!

1. i've got 5 A's for my UPSR-even selected as tokoh kokurikulum daerah sepang

2. 8 A's in PMR (tho i've got B in arab-but i dun care coz arab was never a priority subject back then)

3. 6 A1 for my spm-ahha not so good but good enough for me yang x study all the A's are strong subjects!!

4. i get 4.00 during my matrics - which shocked me!!and hell no, i didnt get a scholarship on that!!that suckssssssssss

5. and a *.** for my degree??????????????(hahaha dpt blink blink eyes) tp not bad laa...bersyukur ngn result tuh sbb xdelaa teruk sgt sgt n bagus sgt sgt...alhamdulillah :) tp still i want better than that!!

now im looking forward to do my master...i need to prove that i can do it!!i applied for MBA which is not architecturally related, and putting aside my part II first...not that i'm not going to continue with it, but just let it be for now...i WILL and WILL be an architect someday, just wait and's just that the time is not for me rite now, just soon enough!!inshaallah kalo dapat further study and abeskan, then only i apply kerje...cari experience utk beberapa tahun, then apply for part II-biar lambat asalkan dapat, kerana cita-cita itu takkan lari ke mana...kita yang mengejarinya :)

p/s: i do freelance job rite now with minimal charges...if the works do not satisfy you, then it's FREE...but i cume akan sketch and design computer graphic...i buat kerana suke!!sebab i suke melukis, bukan suke gune computer!!renovations and plans_do contact me

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sapa reti wat murtabak muke alien angkat tgn??

two weeks in a row without internet is too can i describe it's like life without s**!!ahhaaaa...i miss surfing and blog-hopping, updating my blog tho yeahh i know i know the blog is boring...yeah..u xperlu bgtau i yang tuh...

oh btw, yes we did went to langkawi for 5days straight, and i'm so malas to upload the's not becoz i malas, but i think that the pictures are so valuable for the both of us that we remain is as part of our secret collection...errr yeke!!padahal banyak gile gambar x amik..hahha..yg sebenarnye banyak sgt gambar dlm u know what kan!!! :D langkawi was fun except for tak sempat nak g island hopping...and i must tell u, tm resort sucksss!!die tak maintain langsung...i mean, the room shud be ok, but if they maintain it i dun mind...imagine to try and error nk flash WC, when *u-know-what-the-smell* is in the air!!!hahahahahhahahahahahha lucky those who smell the natural freshener! :p

last week, ibu asked mr superman and i to go and learn cooking at the community college in kajang...HUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!ape mr superman pon kene g sekali ke???adeiii...but of coz we went jugak laa...altho at first, he was a bit shamed with all the ladies and he was the only one around, but he managed to remain calm...after all, everything's being paid by ibu, coz she really want the learnt how to make samosa, donuts and mutabak ayam!!omg...dont think rooling a samosa into a triangle shape is that easy, try to make it yourself!!a bit too much portion of the feelings, can turn the samosa into SENTOSA!!hahahaha..ok kau ngarut..kalo bentuk x jdi tiga segi, then salah laa tuh...

came to part nak tebar murtabak...hahahaha...i was laughing like mad to this one aunty, because the roti yang die tebar jadi bentuk muke alien, with eyes and mouth too!!hahahha...then when she wanted to do another one, i said hahahaha..nk wat lagi ke??the she answered, kali ni nak wat anak die plak...tadi bapak die..ok that aunty is so funny lahh,eventho her face is quite the serious one laaahh!!hahahaha...then gelak punye gelak org lain punye hasil kerje, last muratabak aku jadi roti canai...aku nye sorg plak tuhh...even mr superman passed!!tambah malu lagi, bila suami ku mengaku pada semua org bahawa itu adalah aku punye!!wakakakkaa...but i dun mind, becoz everyone puji him and said i beruntung dpt suami suke nk masak...well, i cakap..ofcoz laa sbb ibu mertua sudah pakse kan pegi...hahahahha :D

after that, we went shopping at the gardens...and's our camwhoring pose!!enjoy...kalo nyampah scroll laju laju... :D

pssttttt : comel pulak laa wifey org ni..HAHAHAHAHHA gelak mamposssssss

Thursday, June 4, 2009

nak gak g UK :(

staying at the in laws is so much fun..enjoyed eating the food!!heh :p

and owhh...updates are a bit slow, yes cos it's hard to get connected here in bandar baru of coz's "bandar" baru bangi..hahaha..but yes, hidup x terganggu...except for im missing reading the blogs i used to read everyday...

right now, lepaking at pekantulis..doing ladidadida what not..yes u get a cashier n im loving it...hahahah...maybe later i'll do some marketing...n after things getting serious, i'll start my own business...oiwhhhh..need to find some money for rolling!!!

nex week, in case u dunno, im going to langkawi with the whole family..cant wait..looking forward for island hopping this time around...HOPE SO!!but somehow, there's this one particular person is going to UK this coming saturday, n yes nana...let's see what we can do with zaid..AHAHAHAH...naseb baik ade nana and the kidss..cute!!!

tomorrow, out again to eat seafood- jgn lupe confirm your availability alrite..i hope by sms/call coz i shall not be opening this blog for quite sometimes soon!!

n owhh-this weekend kitorg off ke mantin n malacca!!marriage life is so much funnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! :) kalo tau dh kawen lame dh kan sayang??

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the abayish hangout!!

had happy days these few days...spending sweet times with hubby and friends...surprisingly i'm enjoying doing anything for basuh baju, prepared breakfast n dinner, sometimes cook for him too...well, let's hope mende nih berterusan..wakakaka..biaselaaa masih baru lagi kan...and the best thing is, never thought that being a housewife is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!imagine to go out shopping and enjoy with family and friends while hubby went to no excuse me!!i'm not a spender..i dont spend someone elses money...i spend money that i own by myself..and yes..dun ask me where did i get i need to disclose everything lahh kan???!!

yesterday, celebrated birthday nourel...blast her with a surprise party at the green box, BB plaza...wahhhh best n syiokk melalak kannn!!here, i've grabbed some picas from farah's Facebook..excuse the bad quality, we're using handphones only..i forgot to bring my slr lahhh!! :(
preparing time...tiup belonn..susah wehh!!!
cake hias rupenye jdi laa macam leh tahan sedap gakk laaa!!
finaz n farahfarah with the birthday girl!!

me- dengan jerawat terbaruu---wahhh hadiah perkahwinan dr mr superman...wakakaka
last pose...before going back home!!blasttttttttt

best kawen ngn u, xpressure i suro keje keje..hahaha...wpon biaselaa for starting point x byk mane, but insya allah mencukupi kalo berkat rezekinye..most importantly, make a lot of doa and never miss solat..kerana, rezeki akan dtg bila kite mengerjakan solat...sedangkan rasulullah tekankan, solat berjemaat apabila tiba waktunye..tinggalkan segala urusan..seronok kalo pergi makkah, semua akan berlari ke masjid tinggalkan kedai tanpa perlu tutup dan yakin kedai x kene curi..sepatutnye kite juga perlu begitu...yakin yakin dan yakin..dan kalo kene curi pon, niatkn sedekah..erkkkk!!hahaha...but alhamdulillah, sepanjang aku meletakkn agama dan solat dihadapan, segalanya jadi mudah...sembahyang di tengah-tengah alam..kalo kat malaysia org pandang pelik, tp kat luar negara, this thing is very the other day, at the gardens, xde surau, so g amik wudhu n solat next to the lift...the non-muslim xkesah pon...rasenye yg lebih2 ialah org islam kite kan??dun feel ashame when it comes to serving ourselves to Allah :) tgk aku dh membebel ngarut...

p/s : sebenarnye sekarang nih tgh tunggu ibu pulang...lamenyee dh nk dekat 2 jam dh nihh...nak g shopping at the gardens!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeahhhh :p

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mr superman sudah tak available :D

thnx mai for the sweet post!!!mmg aku terharu gilee korg dtg but at the same time aku sedih sbb xdpt snap pic ngn geng2 dak sekolah rendah :( sedihhhh gile gilee aku terharu sgt2 smpi xtau nk ckp cmner!!

btw, it's time for me to introduce my mr superman, after so long ehh..yelaa, before this mcm x cnfirm lagi..but now after officially together, i feel so happy..alhamdulillah...4 yrs of knowing each other, taught us to be strong n stronger everyday, even tho mmg ade yg tergigit lidah n sebagainye, we've made i hope that, kite akan menempuhi alam perkahwinan seadanya selamanya..ameen :) saye mr superman!! :D
be nice to mrs superman, or then tau laa kamu...wakaka

Monday, May 18, 2009

kerja kosong...sila hantar resume pada saya..tak perlu qualification pon!! last saturday we(sera, mr superman, saeed and along) went to Man Kajang untuk ukur baju...mind you, baju belah lelaki maseh blom di tempahin!!!hahahah LOL and shuckss that man kajang lahh..ehh tolong sket, kite org professional bukan mak andam mak andam type!!like what the jerrr wehhh...i know i know sera if u happen to read this, which im positively sure that u r reading it btw, since i'm one of your major blog that u r hopping hopping all the time mehh, no??saeed menggelabah nk ikut...bace sini...someone dh update blog die lol!!

ohh that mn kajang can be so annoying lahh..the other time, i remembered going there to book him, and he said, "OH kite ukur nnti lahh yerr, dlm bulan 4 ke, nk bagi ko kurus sket..ko ni pasal gemukk je macam orang mengandung!!" uishhh f*** gilerr sehhh...mcm laa ko hensem sgt...dah laa apon wehh, n miang miang lemah lembut ngn laki aku..mentang mentang laa aku pompan ko layan aku kasaq kasaq!!eeee, kalo ikutkan hati, aku x hingin nk tempah kat ko laa...but it's ok, i followed anywhere mr superman wants kan??yelaa, konon2 ko designer mcm belagak bongkak laa wehh..n kutuk2 aku xleh nk antar kat designer..siap ckp cmni "nanti ko ade duit, meh antar kat aku??" uihhhh lagii what the kannnnn??mcm aku hingin sgt wehh!!lebih baik aku antar kat ferry daud!!!TOP 5 DESIGNER KAT INDONESIA MIND YOU!!n die lagi baik, siap jage solatnye~awal waktu lagi tuhh!!X BONGKAK PON MCM anyhow, walaupon mulut die ade sket bitchyyy, but so far aku tgk portfolio keje die ok n memuaskn better wat baju aku cantik22!!dh bayar ko mahal2 dh nih..hahaha...

next tuesday after my nikah, will be the fitting day we'll see about that later!

hmmm..ok so now, aku bukak borang utk sesape nk dtg tolong aku..ikat2 ribbon ke!!HAHA aku udah surrender!!yeayyyyyyy...sila isi borang di tempat comment, harap maklum..sekian terima kasehh!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a tribute to love

today i planned to clean my room, like i'm used to semangat semangat with it, but yet ended up with doing nadaa!!hahahah...ok, but to do, ofcoz laa nk kene kecohkan kat semua org yang i nk kemas, well hope ia berjalan dengan lancarnya tanpa gangguan :D tee heee :p

owhhh, i'm kinda like in the mood rite now...everyday seems better and better lahhh!!i've got u and u've got yesterday, u were so cute lahh!!pls pass by my house lagi laa ehh..can see a glimpse of you everyday :p na na na na na!!datang amik laptop ke, or buat2 tertinggal barang ke..pape excuse jelaa..hahahha

now, mr superman has downloaded Yahoo Messenger, so we can now chatting through out office hours!!how cool is that...he was never a fan of Ym person lahh, but now he has to be one and layan kan saje i..zastttt!!eitt u kene belajar IT, baru leh masuk ngn awek muda mcm i lahh :D

and owhh, i managed to not sleep rite after suboh, no?? well atleast not yet!!and i mean it, yet!! :p

so ladies, zal- if you're reading this, my line kene barred, so i hardly connected with my loved ones and for my hantarans, YES!!i haven't started on that yet, and YES again, dont ask me and said, ehhh bukan ke minggu depan??sempat ke siap??well i dun care!! :p bluekkkkk...

just doa that i can finish everything lahh by next week :) and thanx everyone for the wishes..i'm so blessed!!and shepah sayang, i'm so honoured to have you as my pengapit!!you see, you fly all the way from INDIA just to attend my wedding, and pay a bloody whole lot for the ticket!!i dont think anyone has ever do that to me, ada bleh lupe pon ade jugak..hahaha...u know, i can never pay you for your kindness!!you are such a wonderful friend to me, the one that can do anything for me...i've never yet found someone like you, and no one can replace you...seriously!!

p/s : if ever u can tell me all your hopes and fear, do i really wanna hear and believe in it??ohh yes i do my dear!! :) just tell me everything..just like yuna's, we need to have a deeper conversation! and yes, i AM so willing to have you as my besties forever, and do not hesitate dear...i am here for you at anytime, anywhere, just not always in front of you, but yes, i can share everything with you!!AND NOW I'M LEARNING YOU!! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

MALAYSIANS ARTIST tak cikai okeyy!!

i never expected a local singer like yuna can really sound this good!all i can say is that, i give you thumbs up since i really really like almost all of her songs!!wait till you here this song, i betcha u are so gonna search out her other songs!!and yes, all of it sounds so perfect!!

so now, i'm so gonna hunt and buy out for these three malay artists albums - faizal tahir, aizat and yuna...i never yet buy any other artist except for britney, but now these three, i'm longing to have one!!tell me how i can get one of yuna's??

Friday, May 8, 2009

maseh ada 15 hari lagi!!

1. maseh gemok dan x turun turun (mmglaa dh ko x diet!!hahah)
2. maseh x kemas bilik yg mcm tongkang pecah..tongkang kalo pecah pon xsepecah ini
3. maseh memikir ape yg perlu dilakukan selepas ini??
4. maseh mencoba untuk memahami situasi borang dan lampiran (haihh yg nih mmg aku amat pening)
5. maseh sedang menyiapkn bunga telur (wpon kadar purata aku buat ngn ibu bersamaan 3:7 hahah)
6. maseh x leh nak terima kelas tuition akan bermula esok dengan jayanya (adehhh)
7. maseh menunggu lama lagi ke 22nd may? (hahahah)
8. maseh merindui kamu laaaa!! :(

Sunday, May 3, 2009

hati orang yang sedang gundah gulana

never in my mind to cross over this kinda situation...
i dunno, wedding's getting closer day by day, yet i'm so calm with nothing to start~~i mean, im so out of focus where about~~what i should be doing by now??i've just received my cards, so we're on the process of sending away the cards.invitation list still on hold, since i'll give more priority to my parents' friends!!ofcoz laaa, becoz they are the hosts for the event!!it will be just a small ceremony so dont expect anything extravaganza!!i'll promise you a simple yet memorable event that everyone will never forget!!~~HEH AS IF...

yes, blame me for not updating this blog...everytime i logged in, i singed out again...i mean, i do have lotsa things to tell, but do u really have this kinda feeling, where whenever u look at it, u re just out of words!do u really wanna catch up with this ordinary girl stories, which sometimes really bored u to death, with her stupid ordinary life stories??

ok ofcoz, i enjoyed every single bit of my life, but does anyone really care the hell out of it??i betcha dont!!

and just now, as i woke up, i've got 2 misscalled and 1 sms from my boss...asking me, whether i'm ready to start the class for may??HUH!!i dunno, my mind is already messed up with the whole wedding thingy, yet i have to start my part time work again??talk about work, i'm so not in the mood for working...i mean, working in an office environmment is so not me~~i wont go for that kind of life...tell me im stupid or not, but that's the way i am..i dont like working under someone's finger point,preasuring me to do this and that, sorry that's not me!!i'd rather work as a cashier with no-strings-attached!!

i mean of coz a cashier???like what the ****??i'm a degree graduate from UM??but do i really give a damn about it??my whole life in Um is nothing compared to the enjoyable life im having right now...architecture is one thing i've never regretted about, but yet, i never like my studies there!!trust me...ask anyone, be it the UIA students, UiTM etc etc, once they step themselves to UM, the'll definitely say that the UM student are bored to death...boring giler sangap and nerdy as well!!i hope to not become like one!!

so mission after this :
1. kawen
2. cari kerje yang best~meaning happy and x stress tp income masyuk!!ofcoz, sape yg nk beli handbag n kasut aku kan??aku x suke kikis duit laki aku...even tho he can support me on that!!
3. cant u hold the tuition classes yet~~im so out of time right now!!projects over, now a big project infront of me that i need to settle it down first!!or else, ibu akan bising..

Thursday, April 9, 2009


my sister is now 26 last nite!!
and i totally forgot her birthday lohhhh...BUT I DID CALL HER, TP DIE BERDATING, XKASI AKU JOIN!!
i mean, i do remember, but that was last week, when i told her that i'm going to have my final presentation on her birthday!!so yeahhh, final was really stressful, but yet, i did manage to finish my work, altho at times, i received a lot of negative comments, saying that i need alot of works to do, and that i wont make it...but hell, after sleepless nite, tears and money spent, i bet i really did something which i never expected it at all...even when i submitted my drawing personally to my lecturer (she did browse my drawings one by one), she asked me, "rauda, dah bape hari tak tido??" and u know, i bet u dun wanna know, bukan setakat x tido, malah x mandi...hanya manage utk gosok gigi!!OMG...but that lasted for like two days only...xtahan ok xmndi lama2...and dont even let me mention who's not taking bath for the whole week??????????errrr!!!but overall, i'm a bit dissapointed with my design, since i'm not exploring it more becos of time constrain...however, i hope i can upgrade for the portfolio session next week!!and that's the final out of the final, destination to conclude where i'll be going after this!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

don't do this to me

i like watching fashion show since i love fashion a lot!!
and sadly, i can't go :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
one word : D. A. M. N!!!!!!

what happen when you are a math maniac??

u will give crazy answers definitely...especially when you are the dumb ass me...looking at this, i wonder what my teacher had thought of me when she marked my papers...i bet she laughed her lungs out!!bet yaa...

i used to be that stupid with add math..math was never really my favo subject in schools...there's this one time, i failed my math during my form 2 year, and i was the only girl who failed the paper...imagine how suck i am at math...but luckily, there's another boy who failed hell yeahh, we were paired as the failure partner!!HUH...

but when i looked at this, i think math is kinda fun!!!!!HAHAH...especially when u're taking architORTure, and it doesnt need us to learn math at all, so there goes all my science knowledges!!you know, atleast if i take math, i can answer this kinda question and laugh out loud!!

HAHA...all these were taken from some website i found tru the internet...

ok so now, save the best for the last!!HAHA...LIKE CRAP EHHHHH

Thursday, April 2, 2009

candle light dinner in studio mudio

these few days, sangat sangat lah stress buat diri saya...i need to keep remind myself, that i only got 3 more days to go, while it last...atleast, for part one...i know i intended to pursue my studies on part 2, but part one is hell enough for me to bare with...

mr superman on the other hand, is doing ok on his own, not??well atleast i think so, since he manages to do all his work at college/home...while me, i'm stucked at studio 24/7...waktu makan dah lari, sleepless nite, following with not having my daily bath on time...ok, i mandi OK!!BUT imagine to wake yourself up to the unfamiliar faces, looking at u, like ape budak nih muke baru bangun tido...i ran myself back to studio (cover muke yg sembap dgn tahi mata) u know what i mean!!n apparenty that new face happenned to be my studiomate's friend!!YA AMPUN, TMBAH MALU, SEBAB BILA BUKAK PINTU STUDIO, NAMPAK MUKA DIA, THEN TUTUP PINTU LARI MASUK STUDIO, SBB TENGAH PEGANG BERUS GIGI AND PENCUCI MUKA!!WAKAKAKAKA...malu yang amatan....

rite now, i'm like so hungry but yet, i lost my i asked mr superman, to drop by at studio, tapau nasi kukus for me, and let's have a candlelight dinner at studio..haha!!

karipap KARIPAP crap!!

5 minutes advertisement break!!


"kak!!bape satu karipap nihh?"

"50 sen, dik"

"bagi saya satu, kak"

"nahhh dik..akak bagi 3!!"

"wahhh, banyaknya!!tapi saya bayar untuk harga untuk satu sahaja!!"

kekekekee...digi's advertisement prepaid i like....u'll get to hear the advertisement tru any malay base radio station like hot. FM!!

well, if ever that situation happens to design i wish the output work from 1 hour work is equal to 3hours work!!get what i mean??means, aku hanya perlu bertungkus lumus selama satu jam, tapi hasil kerja itu adalah bersamaan dengan 3 jam bekerja!!haishhhhhhhhh...

everyday, i hear these songs frommy studiomate's blast speaker...and lagu tuh berunsur2 yang sangat-sangat lahh kelakar...just like britney's song iF U SeeK Me!!pronounce it laju laju...what do u think when you hear these kinda lyrics

1. bila lelaki suka perempuan, itu adalahh FAKTA...FAK FAK FAK TAAAAAAA!!that's like crap sh** rite??

2. kalau nak jadi superman, pakai seluar dalam diluar...kalau nak jadi batman, pakai diatas kepala, tapi kalo nak jadi manusia, pakailah seluar dalam macam biasa!!hahahah??how anoyying is that??

3. aku ingin *nyot nyot* *nyot nyot* puting (konon2 hisap susu) but has a deaper meaning than that!!

4. aku ingin bercinta dengan kamu...AH AH AH AHHHHH...

5. dia kentut kentut kentut...then spell K E N T U T...

ya Rabbi, lyric cmnihh pon diorg lehh wat lagu...but sebenarnya, agak kelakar utk mendengar sehingga baru rasa lucu untuk membuat kerja...tapi memandangkan, studiomate tuh tak datang2 lagi nih, sebab masih di alam mimpi, itu pasal take a break jap tulis blog, nak bagi refreshhhh!!hoho lol!!

ok, now back to work :D

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

go ladies, GO ladies!!

Hey Ladies
by Rossa

Sudah kubilang jangan terlalu yakin
Mulut lelaki banyak juga tak jujur
Bila sakit hati wanita bisanya nangis

Sudah ku bilang jangan terlalu cinta
Kalau patah hati siapa mau nolong
Seperti langit dan matahari tak bersatu lagi

Hey ladies jangan mau di bilang lemah
Kita juga bisa menipu dan menduakan
Bila wanita sudah beraksi dunia hancur

Hey ladies sekarang cinta pakai otak
Jangan mau rugi hati dan juga rugi waktu
Bila dia merayumu ingat semuanya bohong

Memanglah tak semua laki-laki busuk
Namun ladies tetaplah harus waspada
Semogalah kita semua akhirnya
Mendapatkan cinta yang tulus

Sudah kubilang jangan terlalu yakin
Mulut lelaki banyak juga tak jujur
Bila sakit hati wanita bisanya nangis

adapted from here.

listen to this song, if u think u r a lady!!OMG!!sangat menaikkan martabat wanita dan nasihat yang berguna!!memberikan semangat!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

what does 1901 hotdog has in common with an aldo shoes??

becoz i've been influenced by the yellow mustard on 1901 hotdog, i totally fell in love with that color...and also the why not give a little taste on yellow in fashion????

the other day, i went to alamanda and passed by aldo, when i found this striking yellow mustard pump caught my eyes...and it matches well with a yellow mustard tote!!a must have handbag with a must have shoes that's in my list!! apparently, as i browsed tru aldo's official website, it doesnt have the image of that i was quite worried if it's a new arrival items or not since the sales person told me it was know, there's none in the website, so prolly, it's an outdated item but selling at a new arrival price here in malaysia..

i was thinking of matching the the whole items with black n yellow attitude...imagine,a long black shirt, rolled up, with a yellow inner beneath, and pairing it with a black cool is that...i'll find a yellow hijab, something stripy/flowery just to get the casual look...

anyway, yellow n black is the new me!!no more pink...funny huh??after all i never wore pink yet, even tho i like pink cutesy stuff!! :D

Sunday, March 29, 2009

i want to be creative like katy perry too!! :)

coz when i'm with him, i'm thinking of you!!
what would you do, if you were the one who'd be spending the night??
ohh i wish that i was looking into your eyes!!

as i indulge myself with my own design world, i got lost with the whole song...i mean, what more can you ask for, for such an emotional lyric with beautiful melodies??the song is like a ghost that haunts me every now and then...even when i'm about to sleep, or going to eat, and whatever i do, the voices keep repeating in my head...and i know it's a sin..OH ALLAH, take me away from this...i mean, if even i can have this kind of feeling whenever i perform my know...or whatever i do, i should remember Allah...goshhh, i am so weak in this small harsh world...

bare in mind, even tho the lyric has got nothing to do with my life, but i shuddered whenever i hear it, and almost in tears as it goes at its very peak note...haishhh..i wonder who's the creative songmaker...if only i can be that creative in my design?? :(

design is one thing, i can never understand...i like to design for my own good, for my own use, but to design for the sake of my final, it gets me annoy today, i've been changing a little bit of this and that on my plan and what not, until i got stuck til i dunno what else to do :( i even asked a friend of mind to help me construct my 3D elevations, as my laptop and pc can never EVER support the sketch up program or any 3D programs...just imagine, to even create a single line can take u about 5 minutes!!!like what the )**^^$@!^&

but today, i've seen the form, and i kinda not satisfied with it, i felt so down and depressed!!you know that kind of feeling...i know if i proceed with it, i can still pass the mark, but is that my real aim for this??why would i repeat my whole year for the things that i'm not happy with??atleast, if i pass, i should be happy with my own design...not to satisfy someone else!!I WAS LIKE, what the f*** am i doing??it looks like s***...and seriously, i'm not lying!!i went blank with the whole idea of times, i think, was this really my dream??am i really gonna be an architect some day??if i am one, am i that eligible??

i decided to meet again my uncle(an architect) to gain my confidence back!!you know, just to get an agreement on what i did, whether i'm on the right path or not...and yeah, i'm a bit least i know that i can still work it out!!

well here are some sketches on the elevations of my building...i'm designing a budget hotel plus a community centre...what do u guys think of it??hit me give positive comments yang memberansangkan :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

dont miss out this restaurant, if u're a fan of malay cuisine!!

last nite, i had dinner with atok n uzair at Khatijah's kitchen, a fine dining restaurant owned by the famous Malaysian singer, Khatijah Ibrahim...the interior makes u feel like intimate and cozy, while u enjoy its for the food, i think it's quite ok laaa...sedap pon sedap jugak laaa, but i've tried better than that for the selections of food, it is more to malay cuisine, from nasi goreng, nasi briyani, mee soto, laksa to kueh mueh n bubur...if you're a fan of masakan kampung and all that, i think u can opt to try out this restaurant...and, do take a chance to go to their washroom!! thing about fine dining restaurant, i will always go and checkout its toilet, one way of getting ideas :D kalo ibu renovate tandas jadi mcm tuh ok gak...i forgot to bring my hp along, so that explains why i didnt manage to snap at all!! :D

i had meehoon soto, atok- laksa johor, uzair-mee for the apetizers, we ordered tauhu telur n cucur ikan bilis, while kueh kaswi for our dessert...

i'd like to try out their sambal udang tempoyak, but yeahh...xde sape yg suke tempoyak..heh!!

go google the up, will bring atok to strawberry's park Cafe in Pj...hehehe..hands up sape nk follow?????????

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

in 3 weeks time, what will happen??

i'm so done with my 3d on interior design...the sketch up is running slow, plus the internet connection was not that very good!! as i scroll the zoom in zoom out function, it went blank!!duhhhh...can u imagine how slow is that????and being the loser me, i kept on repeating the same song over and over again...i downloaded these three songs from youtube
1. taylor swift - love story
2. katy perry - thinking of you
3. kat deluna - run the show

just becoz, i wanna provide more memory space for my designs, so i avoided keeping songs in my laptop...but see, no matter how i avoid downloading songs, the pics collection makin menambah laa pulak!!

blog havent been updated for quite while...haha...i dunno if anyone ever notice laa kan..n tak heran pon agaknye...

anyways, last week, i went to ampcorp mall, and found an indian store selling sarees, lengha (i'm not sure how it spells) punjabis, and hell yeahh, i think the price ranges are quite reasonable...u can buy materials for about 200rm, and bare in mind, it is all compare the same material with one selling at binwanis, gulatis, and etc!!since my mum is not a fan of an indian wedding, therefore i cannot wear one, eventhough a friend of mine, bought me the materials all the way from india...but i'm sure, one day, i'll make a comeback by wearing one!!hahahaha...prolly on my graduation nite??hihi...

nothing much happen, since i've been stucking myself kat studio, then college, then studio again...and now, i'm hungry...i've nothing to munch, and my laptop dah mule sengal, mate pon malas nk layan sengalan, hidung berhingus, tekak gatal, asyik terbatuk2 je...mengharap sangat demam, tp bile suro famiza pegang dahi, tak panas pon die badan menggigil kesejukan...nk sgt MC so that i can ponteng studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!waaaaa...oh Allah, pls help me in everything that i do...

FINAL!!!!here i come, in three weeks time, i'll be waiting for u like there's no fear at all :))

Monday, March 9, 2009

makan sane makan sini, shopping sana, shopping sini!!


over the past weekend was fantastic!!

saturday was like my happiest day, followed with sunday n monday...

3 lucky happy holidaysss...n i must say that i'm having fun~~total fun lahh to be precise!!
let's start with saturday...

at first, i planned to attend baking class with yasmin, since my mum was away, following my dad g outstaion, so she requested me to go..n being me, yang mmg x suke baking class, asked yasmin to join in...i know u like to bake alot yeah..i woke up early that day, like very early around 9..hehe :D got ready n all that...msged yasmin that i'm late, since i slept at college that nite, we promised to meet at around yasmin said, kite jumpe at my house je terus, coz class starts at 11am...bile dh siap2 semua tuh, turun bawah, found out that kete i kene blocked with all those VVIPs!!alahai....nak mintak driver diorg alehkan kete, mmg lahh xleh kan, coz xkan nk mintak sorg2 kuarkan kete...otak dh jammmm xtau nk pikir ape!!

called yasmin...yasmin dh nk sampai kat tol sg besi dh time tuh...then i called mr superman, nk tnye if anyone kat college that i can borrow kete semua xde balik kampung!!gileee yasmin mmg hebat lahhhhhh...die dtg selamat kan aku...bayangkn die u turn kat exit UPm serdang!!wehhh TERHARU SEHHHH!!sape yg sanggup kot wat camni selain dr family aku or my fiance!!n berterime kaseh kat bakal tunang ko gaks...

hahaha...n the best past...kitorg rush nk g ke kelas, sbb kelas nih free, so expect lotsa of makcik2 yg semangat nk belajar kan...bile dh sampai tuh, wahhhhhhhhhhh!!awat parking luar kedai nih x penuh???kate lahh kite sampai awal makcik2 nih semua g bercuti sakan kat kampung??xpe33, masuk je kedai..

then nk g counter tnye mane kelas..time tuh ade customer, so berdiri relax2 dulu...hahaha...last2 die ckp...owh kelas arini cancel eh!!!!!!OMF $&$*^)*_)&*%$&^ betolkah ape yg aku dgr!!n kalo aku dpt rakam suare ko arituh min, mmg aku gelakkk sakan!!hahaha...kuat gile kite tnye dengan serentaknye....APEEEEEE????KELAS CANCELLLLLLLLLLLL!!hahaha...akak tuh relax je jawab, haah...chef yg ajar tuh ayah die meninggal...INNALILLAH...serentak lagi...time tuh mcm...jiwa yg kaco panas membare tuh, terus tenang dgn serta merta...pastu kitorg gelak pikir ape yg kitorgh wat...hahahah...then yasmin punye laa excited teruja tgk kedai tuh...mcm2 ade...teruja abes siap bershopping lagi kat situh...wehh min, aku rase kedai sebelah die pon best gakk..yg vanilla pastry tuh...

then pas shopping kat YUMMIes, kitorg off to warta bangi...hahaha!!heaven tak tempat tuhhhhhhh???pengumuman!!bra murah n sale abesss ehh...ehh ehh!!bukan bra cikai kehh??xmain arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!audrey, triumph...byk lagi...hahah...maju dah warta ku sekarang!!

around 12.30pm tuh, kitorg pon balik kl...hahah...yelaa sbb kete aku kat otw tuh, tgk jalan ke arah seremban jam laahh plak..langsung terbantut hati aku nk balik umah...then min ajak ronggeng kat the gardens n mid!!ok mmg heavennnn...aku sgt bahagiaaaa!!!makan shopping gossip, mkn lagi...sape yg xnk kann???had lunch at the gardens!1best sehhh...puas ati...makanan jepun die ade class kacang die pon ade class gak!!hahhhhhhhh..mkn smpi nk meletssss dah kot!!
i had fruit cocktail, min chendol..(minum kolestrol ehh!!)chicken karage bento!!marvellous terbaekk


pastu gi ronda2 kat isetan, robinson metrojaya, mencari handbag n heels...we bought oursleves white stilettos yg sgt same ok!!hahaha entirely the same one sbb masing2 terpikat!!n minat this one Liz clairebone nye handbag, but at that time, cash pon abes...n malas nk g atm cucuk n masuk balik sbb kaki aku dh sakit kotttt!!penat kot jalan...sape kate pakai crocs (flat) x sakit kaki???aku ingt kalo aku pakai heels pon x sesakit tuhh...haishhhh...

we decided to go back..n otw nk g parking the gardens, lalu lahh depan paddington house of pancakes...ape lagiiiiiiiiiiiiii...minum2 petang lahh plak..hahah...haram best kan min...JOM G LAGI!!kesimpulannye, kalo diberi markah 10 utk hari itu aku bagi 12 out of ten...

pancakes with bannana, maple syrup n vanilla ice cream with cocoa butter...sinful i tell u!!yasmin nye mocha ke latte..aku x tau yg pasti love die kurang menjadi..tercacat sket..haha...tukar barista janji sedap kann??mine: hot chclate with marsmallow...sodap sgttt smpi naik pening..hahah
heee...muke3 happy :p

then malam tuh plak aku dpt my new abaya!!tambah lagi koleksi abaya ku...yeehaaaaaaa!! :D best best best...
posing ngn abaya baru :p

monday~cuti maulidurrasul...g umah akak n makan2 bersame childhood yg amatan..mkn smpi nk letop okk!!!
location kat umah betolllllllllllllllllllll :D i'm starting to think nk diet balik???setelah x nk diet sebab rase figure dh ok, tp selepas menelan semua nih...aku berpikir 10kali!!huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Friday, March 6, 2009

gersang kah blog aku kakak cantikk??

sepadan ngn tajuk, segersang itulahh kakak cantik mengrefresh blog aku...menanti update...bluekkkk!! :p

sorry lahh kawan-kawan...

aku tidak mempunyai masa untuk mengupdatekan diri aku disini selame berape minggu ntah...

1. kerana aku wat design...ok jangn jadikan design sebagai alasan xleh it's true what!!aku kesini kemari focus kat design je..pastu bile bukak je blogspot, rase sengalan yg amat...sebab aku malas nk tulis pasal diri aku yg hanye sebok tentang design...rase nk muntah ok..macam lahh xde mende fun yg ko memang ye wehhhhhhhhhhhhhh...aku pon nk muntah...BORING BORING BORING!!bayang kan,aku dh lame x g shopping, wpun window shopping...

2. aku dah lame x tengok wayang, so takde cerite yg aku leh review!!waaaaaaaaaaa...last aku tgk, ialah citer house of bunny (bimbo nk mampos citer tuh), itu pon aku beli cd tuh mase makan kat uptown...hahahaha loser giler skrg aku nk try gak fix mase aku utk tgk citer dragon ball

3. aku maseh lagi tak tempah baju kawen aku..sebab aku xtau lagi macam mane??waaaaaaaaaaaaa

4. aku xrase nk kawen bile aku stress belajar!!!damn u architecture!!

5. keje aku skrg makan je...membiak lemak...padahal nk jadi pengantin bulan 5 wt!^%&% with that....biarkan saje!!

6. final presentation aku adalah pada 6 april...jadi nanti kan kehibernisasi aku dr dunia blog!!

7. aku dh amik cuti 2 bulan utk stop ngajar tusyen...semata2 nk focus kat expect an A workk?????????which is damn, i dun even think can lahh :D


Saturday, February 7, 2009

aku hairan aku tulis mende ngarut!!

aku seperti tidak tahu...

perlukah aku rase seronok n gembire ataupon berduka cita??yelahh...baru-baru nih aku timbang lgi berat aku, turun lagi 2 kg menjadi 54kg!!aku semakin hairan kerana aku tidak mengamalkan diet langsg...percayelahh..aku mule jadi tak keruan kerana akau takut aku menghidapi penyakit yg tersembunyi...

yang hairannya, lemak2 aku langsg tidak berkurangn, tp aku sudah pasti seluar aku sangat longgar!!mcm mane tuh??i was a UK 12 before, now i think aku a UK8!!tp still perut aku menunjukkn kebulatan yang amatan!!hahahahha...

dan sekarang ini juga, aku terase seperti ingin makan macam-macam...macam nk makan sushi king, yong taufoo kat alamanda/pavillion, then nk makan cake kat secret recipe and die nye lasagna...pastu aku terase seperti nk lepak2 di kedai kopi....xkesah laa kedai ape, yang penting aku terase seperti nk minum kopi, walhal aku sendiri x suke bau kopi...aku rase je nk minum, tp pasti aku x leh nk telan...dan pasti aku akan order mende yang ade koko base...

adehhh...macam-macamlahh...dan yang paling aku hairan lagi ialah, aku seperti ilang arah nk tulis ape kat blog nih...yelaa..dulu mcm aku selalu pikir yang aku nk update blog, supaye bile aku tua nnti, aku leh imbas balik ape yaang aku sudah buat dulu...mcm skrg, aku mane tulis bile aku tulis blog, aku akan ingt bile aku grad, bile aku tunang bile aku kawen bile aku ngndung and etc....errrrrrrrrrrr!!!xkjdjhuhsjas bolehkah seperti itu??

p/s: dan yang paling aku HAIRAN, ade gak orang sanggup bace mende mengarut nih...hahahahha...pasti korg nih mmg xde keje dh kan??ok ok...aku perasan, ntah2 org xamik tau pon kewujudan blog aku..agagagagaga!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

9 random bebelanss!!

1. i still couldn't find the force in me that can helps me encouraging myself to keep on doing my design

2. i'm so0oo fed up with my university life in UM (bare in mind, i love studying, but i just need to change the atmosphere)

3. maybe becoz, i'm so frustrated with the lecturers, it makes me sick to even step my feet at the faculty.

4. i love designing and always have passion for it, but not anymore when i'm in UM :(

5. but yes, i'm so0oo sure that i'll continue my part II, and that will be somewhere else other than UM...

6. and nonetheless, i have to accept the fact that, i love UM!!but not faculty of built environment...err, do u get what i mean??i love my matrix life during pasum days, i was ok with it...then i applied architecture, and i dont like the system here...come on, my dad's a lecturer, so i know who really wants to be a lecturer, or who's doing it for the sake of u have to do it!!

7. i love UM becoz i found my love life there!! :) despite all the hatred i have, we share the same passion...i wanna finish my studies, and we'll build our dream house together!! :)

8. so pls force, pls give me strength!!i'm doing all these, for the sake of my dream house...

9. i hate complaining, but that's the fact that i'm starting to face...duhhh, why ehh??it's not good for my health, it gives me pressure!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

mcm x percaya!!

pls give credit to murshidah

alhamdulillah, everything went well as planned...i'm now engaged to the one that i think i love!!bolehkah macam tuhh??hahahhaa...sorry mr superman, kalo i meragui cinta kamu!!kahkahkah...xdelaa...memain je...thank you for everything!!i mean it...from the day that i became closer to u, till the day u came to my house, seeing my dad, being serious and proposed me to be your wife!!goshhh..that was so sweet of u...even tho, i must admit that sometimes i always complain yang u nih x romantik lahh...but hell, u gave me a lot of surprises...

1. called ayah and set the date to meet...even without my knowing...the day that i got to know is when i was on my way to midvalley to hang out with all my studio friends.and ayah called me asking me kat mane...i was like??why the sudden...then he said that he's coming that nite!!hati aku menggelabah...xtau nk kate ape sebenarnye...n seriously, i cried!!tears of joy!!

2. he told his parents, and i met them at his cousin's wedding on new year...his dad asked me a few questions and said that they're coming in two weeks time...goshhh!!!that fast...and mmg sgt cepat pon...

3. two weeks later, they came and i telah dirisik...then terus tetapkn tarikh utk tunang...if u asked me how i felt, i think, u'll know when the time comes...everyone akan lalui semua rase ini...xleh nk describe...

4. and last CNY, i'm engaged to u mr superman :) *love!!*

btw, i sangat lapar skrg nih...and tengah teringat the wonderful dinner we had at Casa de' la Rosa, Cameron Highland last time...thanx poksu :)

BBQ lamb steak-marvelous gilerr...kambing die byk lemak nk mmpos!! noodle soup!!pon kowww jugak...mkn ngn fresh chili padi!!gile terhangkattchicken satay tokyangtokyang makan tak hengatpoksu pon makan x hengat gak...siap order fish and chip lagi..2 main courses die belasahmushtaq had crossoint with beefsila amik perhatian, aku focus pada air aku itu...sgtlahh sedappp!!strawberry delight!!urghhh...blended with pineapple, manggo and ape ntah lagi..but the strawberry tuh rase sgt freshh!! :)

and now skarg, let's focus on design!!long way to go...i'm waiting for april, and ended up this long tiring degree, and continue my second degree somewhere...vacation to lotsa kebaya...and can't wait for May :)))))

Sunday, January 25, 2009

cameron here i come!!

yeayyy...we're going to cameron again, rite after my engagement...huh!!nuts eyhh...can't wait to drink tea while enjoying the tea valley view...fuhhh...what a sight!!and also, buy lotsa fresh flowers!!nape lahh x g sebelum my engagement, kalo x bleh beli fresh flowers dgn sgt about CNY, ofcozlahh byk kedai2 bunge yang xberani nk risk kan diri pakai fresh flowers utk buat hantaran...naya...

updates: hantaran dah siap, tinggl x buat sirih junjung je it for the night before supaya tak layu :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


ok i know...sorry for taking such a long time to update this bloody blog :D i haven't got time to spend on myself, yet to sit in front of the Pc and write...well ofcoz i always got time for my mesti-tidor-time...which i can get cranky bile tak...lately, i've been busy...not to say that busy, but busy enough to keep me away from my daily activities...last few days, i had to clean up all the mess in my room xdelahhh messy sgt pon, it's just that i've bought an IKEA bookcase and had to upah my brother pasang dgn sebungkus keow tiaw ladna kat bazli berharga rm5!!itu baru je bookcase, blom lagi part drill kan my board kat wall...another keatiaw ladna lahh jawabnya!!aigooo....

and ofcoz, need to spare time between studies and buat hantaran...gile kaperhhhh...sudah laa design need to see its progress, and hantaran pon nak kene siap jugak...9 dulang...up until now, xde dulang yang siap pon lagi!!and what more??barang2 hantaran pon baru abes beli smlm!!haihhhhhh...mau pengsan gamaknye...but the best thing is, dapat gubah hantaran untuk yg tersayang sendiri...cantik tak cantik belakang cerite :D

esok ade interim crit!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Friday, January 16, 2009

britney fever again

lately, semua pon nk tukar lagu britney jadi rock...

but the one yang aku tengah cari sgt2 is the rock version of break the ice...sape ade penah time tuh die ada pasang kat aku search kat youtube xde pon...haishhhhhh...


i need new heels, new flat shoes... :(

Monday, January 12, 2009

i'm yours and and will always be yours

alhamdulillah... =)
everything went well despite my design process..hehhe...which never ends...imagine kene risik when tomorrow i've got a presentation, and it's not even finished yet!!!needless to say, i'm the lucky one to be chosen and present infront of all...wish me luck wish me luck...

yes, i'm getting engaged...funny how i never really like to share my personal life here, but i guess now is the right time for everyone to know...before, i've been keeping it and ignore to talk about the love of my life...except for those yg mmg bljr same2 ngn aku...diorg tau lahh kan...otherwise, i prefer to keep it low..not becoz i poyo x nak citer, but for me, setakat couple or berkawan, it's not a green light for everything yet...and bile dh confirm baru announce...

akan buat majlis tertutup for family and closest friends this chinese new 2 weeks more for preparation!!dushhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

thnx mr superman for making my day :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

they tagged me :p

i've been tagged by these two person/rather to say my ex-schoolmates when i was in primary...i need to state like 10 facts about these two person and 10 facts about me as since 10 is like too long, n i'm running out of time but still really wanna do the tagging games (yelaaaa, aku nk jage ati korg, nnti korg x nk main2 ngn aku lg dah!!...heheh) so how about if i state 5 facts on both!!it seems fair enough ehh??

5 facts about teh saleha

1. as stated, her name is teh saleha binti tusirin, she's the other version of her twin sister...u know what saleha, i used to think that both u and munira can be differentiate quite well, but since like two years ago, i dunno which one is who and who!!anyhow, i've managed to solve the problem now...i guess maybe we've never get to see each other so oftenly!conclusion:belanje laahh bleh jumpe :p

2. we used to sit next to each other back in primary!!hahahaha...i'm the prefect, and she's the pustakawan...even tho, i'm not that sure if she's really the ulat buku type...hahahaha...but i believe, u read sweet valley!!and i think every normal teenagers do read that ehh :p

3. ahhaaa...i remembered once, your mum used to call u a daydreamer compared to munira...and i think that's the unique you...becoz i have always like to be around people with high imagination and never really care about the outside world...i mean not really care, but just spare like 20 minutes for yourself each day...wouldn't that be nice??

4. she's from a high class family kan??sometimes it makes me back up to be around you...not becoz u r sombong or what, but i just feel unsecure of myself, whether u wanna be friends or what!ooooooo what the.....aku ckp nih :p kahkahakahaa...serious running out of ideas!!aku tmbah je perise ajinamoto dlm nih..n melalut...saleha baiklaaa dowhh!!!

5. she's young, beautiful and smart...ahhaaa!!and i'm proud to be your friend!!wooohoooo

on mai

1. her name is maizatul akhma, and i call her mai...

2. she's a prefect like me too...she's tall and beautiful...

3. i remembered that i keep in touch with her tru friendster at first...and i was like, who's this damn beautiful lady...wahhhh..jd model giteww...and as far that i'm concerned, i never really tot that i have a model friend, but then when i looked up close, it recalls me that she was maizatul akma that i used to know!!!hahahhah...dh lawa ko skrg pomss....infact semua kekawan aku dh lawa kott...

4. she's a very talkative type of lady...byk ckp, byk mulut so byk happening bestt arrr lepak2 ngn die...

5. i just hope that she'll invite me to her wedding one day!! maiiii!!kawennn cepat ehh :D (aku x tau nk ckp ape dh nih...) lalaa...

ok...on 10 facts about me???
erkkkk...i've done this like twice if u still like wanna get to know me, just read it here!!

daaaaaaaaa...thanx for sparing your time reading this :))

p/s : now i'm tagging all these spare your time if u have some's optional...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

HOTSTUFF-ashlee simpson

listen to the lyrics, if u think u're HOTSTUFF!!
taken out from her 2nd album, bittersweet world...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

can't wait for my dream body!!

na na na na na!!...

it's been 3 days already and all i do is nothing...hahaha...not a single's true what mizah has said that, we never accomplished what we aim to do for every new year!!however, this time around, i'm going to make sure I'll achieve my ideal weight no matter what!!!which is 50kg...rite now, i'm weighing at 56kg, so i got about 6 more kgs to lose!!usghhhuhwtguyfdhxfsajfya :p

my perfect dream body will be something like kat deluna...oo emmm geee!! (akak sarah ajar :D) she's got like the most perfect and sexiest body that a girl ever wanted!!huhhhhh...and just look at the way she dances...ok..maybe the video is a bit outdated, but heyy whatever...AND i'll just have to get use to do a little bit of dancing like that!! :p *wink wink* so who wanna do a private show with me??hands uppppp!!

why i choose this video???simply becoz...

first becoz i wanna show the perfect body that i am aiming for...

secondly, becoz i just like the dresses she wore...and even the office look she's just so nice...i know that the lyrics have nothing to do with run the show *wink* but ofcoz it's been translated literally into basically, it has a girly geds geds type of video that i loikee!! :D

anyway enjoyyy :))

Thursday, January 1, 2009

welcome new year, goodbye haters :)


2 times facing new year!!first maal hijrah and now...hehe...goodbye 2008 and welcome 2009!!
hope this new year, all my resolutions will come true...ameen :)

anyways, didn't really celebrate the new year except for going out and picnicing with a whole bunch of my ex-studiomates...while waiting for the fireworks ofcoz, at the peak top of rumah Datuk Bandar...i cooked nasi goreng cantonese and prepared some sandwiches for them...i think everything went smoothly and talk about nonsense all the time, no pictures...or maybe coming soon as atiq was the only one who's doing the snapping...hehehe... i'm off topic...

i cannot sleep tonite, i dunno...i've been pushing myself to sleep...turn left, turn right, trying to get the best position, but nada...nothing really works...i guess maybe i'm a bit sad...i dunno...i feel empty inside and still wondering what was i really thinking??i know it's a new year, and that we should feel happy to face a new challenge ahead, but no...deep inside i feel like so low...prolly becoz i've realized what good can someone else be to you...keeping someone else for good is one thing that everyone wants!!needless to say, u dont want people to talk bad things about you...even it happens to the one you know that they are not really like that...and all you can do is nothing, not even to defend, becoz you dont want the crowd to know that u are against might as well shut my mouth, seal and never say a word...huh!!that's hard...becoz deep down it hurts to know the truth of the all the fakeness around you...

surprisingly, people can act differently infront of others when the truth is that, they never like each other...that's the art that i need to learn...maybe i need to learn how to make fun of others infront of everyone, or maybe not...becoz typical me is not like that, even if i dont like the person, i never said it out loud, let go of making fun of it...that's not my way...u never know, one day u've become one like saying you dont like smokers, then ended up u getting involve with smokers...what good can that be to u??and u eat your own words that time, it's not you who do the laughing, but people around you....

so my only wish for this new year is, KEEP ME AWAY FROM ALL THESE TALAM DUA MUKA ORG...ngeeee :)