Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm officially a desparate housewife :p

Ever noticed my status at facebook?

it's time to get back to real designing world!!house renovations and fashion designs!!20 hours ago

Then I got some feed backs from my dear friends. Some saying :
Famiza Borhan
ko dah dpt keje ke
Yesterday at 12:15pm · Delete
Nurhazwani Abdullah
keje kat mane odahh? cm best je dgr
Yesterday at 1:22pm · Delete

And what did i reply to them??
Rauda Lee
if u consider freelance as a work..:p xstart job hunting lgi :p will do will do.. :)
Yesterday at 4:03pm · Delete

I dunno whether quitting my job now is really a good decision I've made in my life.but taking my husband's advice, I'd follow anything he wanted me to do. At times, i feel that I'm useless. No directions, no one wants me, even someone is laughing at me, they feel very happy for me. For them, it's a good news, no? perhaps I'm wrong, But my inner instinct told me that they're talking about me. Yes, and they did. :( Deep inside I'm melting. I started to feel the hatred around me. Right now on, all i want is your trust. I don't care what others may think of me, but all i care is you, trusting me or not?

I know, this is just the beginning, and yet there's always something major happening soon. I need to be strong and ignores everything around me. I won't do the talking no more, but let the people around me do the judging. They'll know who's wrong, who's right. After all, I don't have anything to lose.

Oh Allah, please be with me!! :(
I may look strong outside, but inside only You knows better.