Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too many to tell

The weather's quite fine today, so I thought of giving this blog a little bit updates. I had my laundry on the run just now, since hubby and Lulu are having their morning sleep together. Mind you, that little Lulu gets mad when someone tease her to wake up. Ok yes, just like me, I know! :D Nevertheless, they both looked cute sleeping next to each other. Now that he got his new 'bantal peluk', I've got more my 'me time' to take care of.
So yesterday we went to IKEA just to give the sales a look. Well, as usual, things on sales are not the things that I really wanted, but still we ended up buying some stuffs for the new home. We bought two floor up-lighters at RM45 each, which I considered it as cheap enough and some other small accessories. That only, still caused us trouble. However, we managed to keep calm. Hehe, well at least my husband did. You know, it was our second time going out shopping with Lulu. At times when she woke up from her sleep and need to be held all the way, that's when we really loosing our mind. Like how the hell am I going to push the trolley, and who's gonna push the stroller because we know that someone has to hold her just fine. haha.

Today we're having our family gathering at Maklong's, that also marks my 44th day of confinement, such a way to celebrate it with big 'makan-makan'. Some cannot attend for some good reason. Sarah and Syarif are going off for their second honeymoon, Rumaisa's having her good time with friends at Singapore and poor little 'Aatikah and the family are at the hospital because she underwent a surgery. Apparently one of her lungs are not functioning, so the doctor had no choice but to drain out the liquid. Now she's not breathing well and keep on saying 'sakit sakit' :'(. Me, on the other hand can't visit her with Lulu to handle, and Lulu also has flu, so we need to take extra precautions on that. I so miss my little niece :'(. I know how it feels to look at your sick children, and you are helpless to do anything except for making du'a. That's what I did, when Lulu was admitted to hospital because of jaundice. She had to finish her antibiotic course for 5days, and they jabbed her everywhere. She cried, I cried and we all cried. But that's for her own good too, we have to redha.
please, please, please make du'a for us :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It all begins here

I love reading blogs, simply because I've got nothing else better to do. No, don't get me wrong. I still work to earn for my simple living. But during my leisure time,  I spend almost 50% of my daily life in front of the computer. I don't know whether is it bad or not, but I do know it makes me happy by doing just that. What about blogging? I blogged sometimes, well mostly on my favorites, daily life with no itsy-bitsy details. Ever since I started blogging, I didn't quite update my blog, but the updates are still there. And then I got pregnant, started working, hence the blog got dumped. Pity, I know, right? Now that I'm a mummy with a one-month baby girl, Lulu 'Aayesha, what makes me think that I can keep it up-to-date? Still, I think I need to, because that's the purpose why I started blogging anyway. For fun, for pleasure and of course, to keep my mind working. If at school we write essays and what-not, now that we're leaving our school's life, our mind starts to not functioning well, at least I know mine is not.

If you notice, I'm giving my blog a new name, for a new re-making of the blog. The precious Lulu, obviously people will say, oh that's her baby girl's name. And obviously my answer will be, look who's her mummy lah. Lulu means pearl, and that's exactly how I feel about this blog. After all, my business partner and I decided to make Anarauda a brand. If you still don't know what Anarauda is, do check out our shopping blog here. We sell trendy, funky and latest hijabs at a reasonable price for gorgeous ladies out there.

So readers, welcome to my not-so-new blog and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy updating it, inshaallah :) Thanks for your precious time to drop by here. As for the new readers, don't get bored. Silent readers, I hope we meet up soon! One day, I know we will. You know who you are, xoxo!

p/s: Next up, I'll post about my giving birth experience. I guess every mum has one, so do I.