Tuesday, March 31, 2009

go ladies, GO ladies!!

Hey Ladies
by Rossa

Sudah kubilang jangan terlalu yakin
Mulut lelaki banyak juga tak jujur
Bila sakit hati wanita bisanya nangis

Sudah ku bilang jangan terlalu cinta
Kalau patah hati siapa mau nolong
Seperti langit dan matahari tak bersatu lagi

Hey ladies jangan mau di bilang lemah
Kita juga bisa menipu dan menduakan
Bila wanita sudah beraksi dunia hancur

Hey ladies sekarang cinta pakai otak
Jangan mau rugi hati dan juga rugi waktu
Bila dia merayumu ingat semuanya bohong

Memanglah tak semua laki-laki busuk
Namun ladies tetaplah harus waspada
Semogalah kita semua akhirnya
Mendapatkan cinta yang tulus

Sudah kubilang jangan terlalu yakin
Mulut lelaki banyak juga tak jujur
Bila sakit hati wanita bisanya nangis

adapted from here.

listen to this song, if u think u r a lady!!OMG!!sangat menaikkan martabat wanita dan nasihat yang berguna!!memberikan semangat!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

what does 1901 hotdog has in common with an aldo shoes??

becoz i've been influenced by the yellow mustard on 1901 hotdog, i totally fell in love with that color...and also the taste...so why not give a little taste on yellow in fashion????

the other day, i went to alamanda and passed by aldo, when i found this striking yellow mustard pump caught my eyes...and it matches well with a yellow mustard tote!!a must have handbag with a must have shoes that's in my list!! apparently, as i browsed tru aldo's official website, it doesnt have the image of that handbag...so i was quite worried if it's a new arrival items or not since the sales person told me it was one...you know, there's none in the website, so prolly, it's an outdated item but selling at a new arrival price here in malaysia..

i was thinking of matching the the whole items with black n yellow attitude...imagine,a long black shirt, rolled up, with a yellow inner beneath, and pairing it with a black slack...how cool is that...i'll find a yellow hijab, something stripy/flowery just to get the casual look...

anyway, yellow n black is the new me!!no more pink...funny huh??after all i never wore pink yet, even tho i like pink cutesy stuff!! :D

Sunday, March 29, 2009

i want to be creative like katy perry too!! :)

coz when i'm with him, i'm thinking of you!!
what would you do, if you were the one who'd be spending the night??
ohh i wish that i was looking into your eyes!!

as i indulge myself with my own design world, i got lost with the whole song...i mean, what more can you ask for, for such an emotional lyric with beautiful melodies??the song is like a ghost that haunts me every now and then...even when i'm about to sleep, or going to eat, and whatever i do, the voices keep repeating in my head...and i know it's a sin..OH ALLAH, take me away from this...i mean, if even i can have this kind of feeling whenever i perform my solah...you know...or whatever i do, i should remember Allah...goshhh, i am so weak in this small harsh world...

bare in mind, even tho the lyric has got nothing to do with my life, but i shuddered whenever i hear it, and almost in tears as it goes at its very peak note...haishhh..i wonder who's the creative songmaker...if only i can be that creative in my design?? :(

design is one thing, i can never understand...i like to design for my own good, for my own use, but to design for the sake of my final, it gets me annoy sometimes...like today, i've been changing a little bit of this and that on my plan and what not, until i got stuck til i dunno what else to do :( i even asked a friend of mind to help me construct my 3D elevations, as my laptop and pc can never EVER support the sketch up program or any 3D programs...just imagine, to even create a single line can take u about 5 minutes!!!like what the )**^^$@!^&

but today, i've seen the form, and i kinda not satisfied with it, i felt so down and depressed!!you know that kind of feeling...i know if i proceed with it, i can still pass the mark, but is that my real aim for this??why would i repeat my whole year for the things that i'm not happy with??atleast, if i pass, i should be happy with my own design...not to satisfy someone else!!I WAS LIKE, what the f*** am i doing??it looks like s***...and seriously, i'm not lying!!i went blank with the whole idea of designing...at times, i think, was this really my dream??am i really gonna be an architect some day??if i am one, am i that eligible??

i decided to meet again my uncle(an architect) to gain my confidence back!!you know, just to get an agreement on what i did, whether i'm on the right path or not...and yeah, i'm a bit relief...at least i know that i can still work it out!!

well here are some sketches on the elevations of my building...i'm designing a budget hotel plus a community centre...what do u guys think of it??hit me back...do give positive comments yang memberansangkan :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

dont miss out this restaurant, if u're a fan of malay cuisine!!

last nite, i had dinner with atok n uzair at Khatijah's kitchen, a fine dining restaurant owned by the famous Malaysian singer, Khatijah Ibrahim...the interior makes u feel like home...so intimate and cozy, while u enjoy its food...as for the food, i think it's quite ok laaa...sedap pon sedap jugak laaa, but i've tried better than that before...as for the selections of food, it is more to malay cuisine, from nasi goreng, nasi briyani, mee soto, laksa to kueh mueh n bubur...if you're a fan of masakan kampung and all that, i think u can opt to try out this restaurant...and, do take a chance to go to their washroom!!HAHA...one thing about fine dining restaurant, i will always go and checkout its toilet, one way of getting ideas :D kalo ibu renovate tandas jadi mcm tuh ok gak...i forgot to bring my hp along, so that explains why i didnt manage to snap at all!! :D

i had meehoon soto, atok- laksa johor, uzair-mee rebus...as for the apetizers, we ordered tauhu telur n cucur ikan bilis, while kueh kaswi for our dessert...

i'd like to try out their sambal udang tempoyak, but yeahh...xde sape yg suke tempoyak..heh!!

go google the location...next up, will bring atok to strawberry's park Cafe in Pj...hehehe..hands up sape nk follow?????????

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

in 3 weeks time, what will happen??

i'm so done with my 3d on interior design...the sketch up is running slow, plus the internet connection was not that very good!! as i scroll the zoom in zoom out function, it went blank!!duhhhh...can u imagine how slow is that????and being the loser me, i kept on repeating the same song over and over again...i downloaded these three songs from youtube
1. taylor swift - love story
2. katy perry - thinking of you
3. kat deluna - run the show

just becoz, i wanna provide more memory space for my designs, so i avoided keeping songs in my laptop...but see, no matter how i avoid downloading songs, the pics collection makin menambah laa pulak!!

blog havent been updated for quite while...haha...i dunno if anyone ever notice laa kan..n tak heran pon agaknye...

anyways, last week, i went to ampcorp mall, and found an indian store selling sarees, lengha (i'm not sure how it spells) punjabis, and hell yeahh, i think the price ranges are quite reasonable...u can buy materials for about 200rm, and bare in mind, it is all beaded...do compare the same material with one selling at binwanis, gulatis, and etc!!since my mum is not a fan of an indian wedding, therefore i cannot wear one, eventhough a friend of mine, bought me the materials all the way from india...but i'm sure, one day, i'll make a comeback by wearing one!!hahahaha...prolly on my graduation nite??hihi...

nothing much happen, since i've been stucking myself kat studio, then college, then studio again...and now, i'm hungry...i've nothing to munch, and my laptop dah mule sengal, mate pon malas nk layan sengalan, hidung berhingus, tekak gatal, asyik terbatuk2 je...mengharap sangat demam, tp bile suro famiza pegang dahi, tak panas pon die kate...tp badan menggigil kesejukan...nk sgt MC so that i can ponteng studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!waaaaa...oh Allah, pls help me in everything that i do...

FINAL!!!!here i come, in three weeks time, i'll be waiting for u like there's no fear at all :))

Monday, March 9, 2009

makan sane makan sini, shopping sana, shopping sini!!


over the past weekend was fantastic!!

saturday was like my happiest day, followed with sunday n monday...

3 lucky happy holidaysss...n i must say that i'm having fun~~total fun lahh to be precise!!
let's start with saturday...

at first, i planned to attend baking class with yasmin, since my mum was away, following my dad g outstaion, so she requested me to go..n being me, yang mmg x suke baking class, asked yasmin to join in...i know u like to bake alot kan...so yeah..i woke up early that day, like very early around 9..hehe :D got ready n all that...msged yasmin that i'm late, since i slept at college that nite, we promised to meet at around 9.30am...so yasmin said, kite jumpe at my house je terus, coz class starts at 11am...bile dh siap2 semua tuh, turun bawah, found out that kete i kene blocked with all those VVIPs!!alahai....nak mintak driver diorg alehkan kete, mmg lahh xleh kan, coz xkan nk mintak sorg2 kuarkan kete...otak dh jammmm xtau nk pikir ape!!

called yasmin...yasmin dh nk sampai kat tol sg besi dh time tuh...then i called mr superman, nk tnye if anyone kat college that i can borrow kete ke...tp semua xde balik kampung!!gileee kaperhhh....so yasmin mmg hebat lahhhhhh...die dtg selamat kan aku...bayangkn die u turn kat exit UPm serdang!!wehhh TERHARU SEHHHH!!sape yg sanggup kot wat camni selain dr family aku or my fiance!!n berterime kaseh kat bakal tunang ko gaks...

hahaha...n the best past...kitorg rush nk g ke kelas, sbb kelas nih free, so expect lotsa of makcik2 yg semangat nk belajar kan...bile dh sampai tuh, wahhhhhhhhhhh!!awat parking luar kedai nih x penuh???kate lahh kite sampai awal min...ke makcik2 nih semua g bercuti sakan kat kampung??xpe33, masuk je kedai..

then nk g counter tnye mane kelas..time tuh ade customer, so berdiri relax2 dulu...hahaha...last2 die ckp...owh kelas arini cancel eh!!!!!!OMF $&$*^)*_)&*%$&^ betolkah ape yg aku dgr!!n kalo aku dpt rakam suare ko arituh min, mmg aku gelakkk sakan!!hahaha...kuat gile kite tnye dengan serentaknye....APEEEEEE????KELAS CANCELLLLLLLLLLLL!!hahaha...akak tuh relax je jawab, haah...chef yg ajar tuh ayah die meninggal...INNALILLAH...serentak lagi...time tuh mcm...jiwa yg kaco panas membare tuh, terus tenang dgn serta merta...pastu kitorg gelak pikir ape yg kitorgh wat...hahahah...then yasmin punye laa excited teruja tgk kedai tuh...mcm2 ade...teruja abes siap bershopping lagi kat situh...wehh min, aku rase kedai sebelah die pon best gakk..yg vanilla pastry tuh...

then pas shopping kat YUMMIes, kitorg off to warta bangi...hahaha!!heaven tak tempat tuhhhhhhh???pengumuman!!bra murah n sale abesss ehh...ehh ehh!!bukan bra cikai kehh??xmain arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!audrey, triumph...byk lagi...hahah...maju dah warta ku sekarang!!

around 12.30pm tuh, kitorg pon balik kl...hahah...yelaa sbb kete aku kat sane...so otw tuh, tgk jalan ke arah seremban jam laahh plak..langsung terbantut hati aku nk balik umah...then min ajak ronggeng kat the gardens n mid!!ok mmg heavennnn...aku sgt bahagiaaaa!!!makan shopping gossip, mkn lagi...sape yg xnk kann???had lunch at the gardens!1best sehhh...puas ati...makanan jepun die ade class giteww...ice kacang die pon ade class gak!!hahhhhhhhh..mkn smpi nk meletssss dah kot!!
i had fruit cocktail, min chendol..(minum kolestrol ehh!!)chicken karage bento!!marvellous terbaekk


pastu gi ronda2 kat isetan, robinson metrojaya, mencari handbag n heels...we bought oursleves white stilettos yg sgt same ok!!hahaha entirely the same one sbb masing2 terpikat!!n minat this one Liz clairebone nye handbag, but at that time, cash pon abes...n malas nk g atm cucuk n masuk balik sbb kaki aku dh sakit kotttt!!penat kot jalan...sape kate pakai crocs (flat) x sakit kaki???aku ingt kalo aku pakai heels pon x sesakit tuhh...haishhhh...

we decided to go back..n otw nk g parking the gardens, lalu lahh depan paddington house of pancakes...ape lagiiiiiiiiiiiiii...minum2 petang lahh plak..hahah...haram best kan min...JOM G LAGI!!kesimpulannye, kalo diberi markah 10 utk hari itu aku bagi 12 out of ten...

pancakes with bannana, maple syrup n vanilla ice cream with cocoa butter...sinful i tell u!!yasmin nye mocha ke latte..aku x tau lahh...tp yg pasti love die kurang menjadi..tercacat sket..haha...tukar barista lahh..tp janji sedap kann??mine: hot chclate with marsmallow...sodap sgttt smpi naik pening..hahah
heee...muke3 happy :p

then malam tuh plak aku dpt my new abaya!!tambah lagi koleksi abaya ku...yeehaaaaaaa!! :D best best best...
posing ngn abaya baru :p

monday~cuti maulidurrasul...g umah akak n makan2 bersame childhood friend...heeeeeeeee...best yg amatan..mkn smpi nk letop okk!!!
location kat umah akak...best betolllllllllllllllllllll :D

huhhhh...now i'm starting to think nk diet balik???setelah x nk diet sebab rase figure dh ok, tp selepas menelan semua nih...aku berpikir 10kali!!huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Friday, March 6, 2009

gersang kah blog aku kakak cantikk??

sepadan ngn tajuk, segersang itulahh kakak cantik mengrefresh blog aku...menanti update...bluekkkk!! :p

sorry lahh kawan-kawan...

aku tidak mempunyai masa untuk mengupdatekan diri aku disini selame berape minggu ntah...

1. kerana aku wat design...ok jangn jadikan design sebagai alasan xleh update...tp it's true what!!aku kesini kemari focus kat design je..pastu bile bukak je blogspot, rase sengalan yg amat...sebab aku malas nk tulis pasal diri aku yg hanye sebok tentang design...rase nk muntah ok..macam lahh xde mende fun yg ko wat...tp memang ye wehhhhhhhhhhhhhh...aku pon nk muntah...BORING BORING BORING!!bayang kan,aku dh lame x g shopping, wpun window shopping...

2. aku dah lame x tengok wayang, so takde cerite yg aku leh review!!waaaaaaaaaaa...last aku tgk, ialah citer house of bunny (bimbo nk mampos citer tuh), itu pon aku beli cd tuh mase makan kat uptown...hahahaha loser giler kannn...tp skrg aku nk try gak fix mase aku utk tgk citer dragon ball

3. aku maseh lagi tak tempah baju kawen aku..sebab aku xtau lagi macam mane??waaaaaaaaaaaaa

4. aku xrase nk kawen bile aku stress belajar!!!damn u architecture!!

5. keje aku skrg makan je...membiak lemak...padahal nk jadi pengantin bulan 5 nih...so wt!^%&% with that....biarkan saje!!

6. final presentation aku adalah pada 6 april...jadi nanti kan kehibernisasi aku dr dunia blog!!

7. aku dh amik cuti 2 bulan utk stop ngajar tusyen...semata2 nk focus kat study...so expect an A workk?????????which is damn, i dun even think can lahh :D