Saturday, December 25, 2010

At 6ix :)

Hello y'all. What's up?  This is a short post with super duper heavy pictures!
Let's move on to the next picture shall we?
 Lulu was 6m last 18th December, but we've decided to start giving her puree/solid food only when  she reach 7-8m. I have no say against mummies who start exploring the babies with early food in-take. Heck even my granny started to give porridge to her babies during her confinement days. I guess I know what's best for my baby. We all  mummies do, right? Nevertheless, we do accept other people's advise. Only that ,certain points maybe just need to be listened rather than putting it on action. 

Exactly 23rd December ago, we tried introducing her to Zam Zam - her first drink ever, just to see her reactions towards accepting it. Some positive signs showed, not like always when I tried to put my Express Breast-milk (EBM) she totally would just let them all out again. She drank like 2ml only, and more like nibbling the end of the teat. Sometimes she choked and said enough I-don't-want-any look. Hehe. She's getting cheekier and active day by day, a lot more of playing around. Will not focus when breastfeeding with people talking surrounding her (read: especially Aunty Sheya), she will turn and just wont sit still. More to like joing the conversation. 


I don't want!!
Push the bottle out and trying to get up

When I wake up every morning, I'll give my mummy and ayah a blurry face and smile.....


Bluekk :p

Happy Holiday Y'all

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ikan Tenggiri Masak Kerutup

Hubby said he has not been eating for 3 days.

Crap, I know.

What he really means that he hasn't been eating my cook and he wants me to cook. These past few days, I was a bit of lazy bum bum wife, more to keeping myself up with the "Hakimis". Haha if only you know what I'm trying to express yada yada :p I've got sore throat with heavily-mentally-coughs that I really want to let everything out from my tummy. At times, I feel kinda "loya" and thought maybe I'm not pregnant, kan? (p/s : stop the wild gossip of me getting pregnant, had enough of it).
At about 7.50pm, I'm busy in the kitchen with hubby helping around, like taking care of the Lulu, washed the dishes, cut the onions and even "tumbuk" the chili padi. I've decided to cook "Ikan Tenggiri Masak Kerutup" (because I'm missing my Ibu - ayah I know you're reading this, send my regards to Ibu muahhhhh) and "Sayur Sawi Jepun Goreng Cili Padi dengan Udang Kering" (was actually running out of belacan)

That's our dinner! Very big portion indeed, sayang.

Without further elaboration, I present you my Ibu's delicious recipe. Who doesn't like mother's cooking, kan? Kalau yang tak suka tu, maybe mungkin kerana mak dia tak masak kot??Haha, kidding!

The ingredients :
2-3 red onions
3-4 garlic
about half an inch of ginger
and also half an inch of tumeric
6-8 bird's eye chili (depends, if you're not the spicy type, then just leave it behind)
Blend all the above ingredients

1 stalk of lemongrass. (smash it a bit to let the taste/aroma out)
3-5 tbsp of blended chili
about one and a half cup of coconut milk
1-2 piece of "asam keping"
season with salt and sugar

Meanwhile, deep fry the fish until the corners turned crispy-brown and set aside. Heat the oil in the wok, add in the mix-blended ingredients along with the lemon grass and let it stir fry for a while until fragrant. Next add in the blended chili and coconut milk. Again, stir fry until it fragrant and you can see the oil boiled. Season it with sugar, salt and asam keping and leave the it for a while to dry a little bit, then only you add in the fish that you have set aside before. Now the dish is ready.
Simply finger licking!

As for the "Sayur Sawi Jepun Goreng Cili Padi/Udang Kering", I bet the pictures are enough to tell because it's just a simple dish that everyone knows how to do it.
Heat the wok and throw in the sliced onions altogether with the smashed cili padi/udang kering
Stir fry and add in the sayur sawi jepun

Voila, ready to eat!

Owh by the way, the post will be incomplete if I didn't share at least a  picture of my dear Lulu :

Ain't that super duper cute...awwwwwwww *melting*

Do you wanna know the end result? 

Freaking gone!  

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One perfect Evening

Just had to share this:
It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection. So now I have started living my own life. Imperfect and clumsy as it may look, it is resembling me now, thoroughly - Elizabeth Gilbert.

Yesterday, Lulu turned 6th months. Today we went out to celebrate (NOT). It was one lazy Sunday with no activities. A lot more of lying around, reading book and surfing the net. Someone gets bored and wanted an evening walk, so I put on my abaya (at times when I simply got nothing to wear and need to get ready like fast and furious!) and headed to The Souq at Putrajaya Mosque. We planned to eat Nando's while enjoying the scenery at the tasik. But, no. It didn't work out that way. I brought RM50 only and thought to withdraw some cash from the ATM only to find out that they have remove the machine to Alamanda! God, I love Putrajaya :O

Gotta bring something to attract Little Lulu while we filling up our growling stomachs. Thank you to her now becoming new best-friend, meet Moo Moo!!

So we ordered Nasi Lemak (again we've ate that yesterday, only this time with rendang ayam ) for both of us at a Malay Cuisines Restaurant with "Teh Tarik" and Iced Peach Tea.

Guess how much we've been knocked-out? A freaking RM36.40!! Like hell, I should have eaten at Nando's and ordered a meal for two and share! Deep in my heart, I thought they really really do overpriced the price!! The Nasi Lemak to us is more like Nasi Ayam!! Like freaking totally nasi ayam minus the "sambal", egg and cucumber and that cost us RM12.90 each. Ok so the RM7.50 Iced Peach Tea was in a big shot glass, but still we can get bottomless Iced Lemon Tea at Nando's for only RM5.50. I don't want to sound cheapskate here, but compared to a "Nasi Lemak Bungkus Daun Pisang Harga Satu Hengget", yours are way behind, not even the authenticated  taste of a Malay cuisine supposed to be.

After the Hi-Tea cum dinner, we had our evening walk near the tasik. The place was compact with families bringing their children, nevertheless the breezy and cool weather enchantingly turned into a short beautiful escape. I actually love these three candid shots of me, making me feel like a lost runaway model in the crowd man-made cruel city. The flow-y Classic Black Abaya makes it stands out from the rest although the main focus were actually on the tree?! Owh me feel so flawless :D

If you think just enjoying the view is not enough, then go hire these i-don't-know-what's-the-name bicycles. It's one of the way for you to spend your quality times with your family/kids. Only that I think it is not suitable for some kids that do not know how to handle/turn it. Because this kid in the picture about to run into another kid who's mother, by the way thanked God was completely aware of the danger sooner.
Maybe when Lulu gets older, I'll come back again and try out this fabulous vehicles. 
One thing I 'love' about Putrajaya, maybe they should really develop/consider designing for the disables or strollers. 

Somehow I think this look sexy and booty-licious :p
Being a young Mummy at the age of 24 really creates you to a different person you are, either the way you think or the way you see things in a whole new perspective.  As for me, everyday is a new experience that I must cherish, it's the wonderful mummy-daughter's bonding that I start to learn and love. My daughter grows up so fast that now she's learning how to crawl, will do a post on that later. And the reason why this blog is being updated because I don't want to miss anything about her, keep on writing beautiful memories with her as if tomorrow never ends.
 I hope I don't look too pale here! Off make-ups close up!

Tried to make her look at the camera, but failed magnificently!

p/s : I've received visitors who searched for masak lemak cili api paku pakis and shurah's products. I wonder if any of you tried the recipe because someone did search like four times on the same topic. Haha why not just jot it down in your recipe's book or simply print it out. It's worth keeping!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sunny Black-and-White

It's a lovely day for picnic, no?

Although yes, it was a bit moody with little sunshine, still we went out for short picnic trip to Hutan Lipur Sg Tua, Ulu Yam. Definitely a nice place to relaxing your bloody mind after the one week full-of-stress working days. Anyways, two reasons that set us with high gear :

1. We canceled our Fraser's Hill holiday due to some problems
2. Of course, I want to try my new "lens" bahhhh - found my missing old compact digital camera. These whole while we didn't take pictures, because my sis borrowed my Nikon D40x to travel across the universe ie. United States of America (read: the way Nana's do)

I was supposed to prepare some heavy lunch with desserts I bet you, but we ended up with tuna sandwiches and hard boiled eggs. Yeah, you've got us right, we woke up around 11am since it was a tiring night for both of us, hence we overslept! So, out we hit the highway at noon, and along the way we stopped at  a couple of kiosks to buy white bread and nasi lemak

Yeayyy, I'm in my car-seat and I'm Mummy's good girl.
It's a little bit jam, so as usual! Ignore the serious driver behind me...hahah

"Ayah, I wanna drive too!!"

Strolling around
Picking out a spot. A pavilion that overlooks the beautiful waterfall.

Ain't that beautiful? Yeahh except for the low quality picture!

The food especially the BIKA (my used to be favorite snack during primary school back then)

Here's the black-and-white version! LOL

We got lucky that someone left their mat, so we used it. Thanks buddy if you ever happen to read this blog. Who knows, kudos?
"I want to re-fill up too"
Now she likes to play during breastfeeding. Sometimes, it makes me hard to focus myself!
Ended up, I suck my feet instead!
Thanks Akak, although you were not around, your ASDA bag did follow us! - Love your environment and GO GREEN!

"Knee-length bath, ayah!"

Safely reached home at 5-ish something like that, and totally exhausted. Let's see, what's for dinner tonight? hmmmmm
Thank you for the lovely ride :)