Friday, March 11, 2011

The Sign Has Shown


My deepest concern and sorrow goes to every human being in the world. I know you've heard the breaking news of tsunami attacking Japan and most probably other coastal areas  which are under warning alert. It is sad but these are all natural disaster and we have no power against it, only Allah The Almighty, hence keep on seek for Allah's help. Pray hard that everything goes well. 

The world is heading towards its end, and are we ever ready yet? In fact, AM I READY yet?? That's for us to think and ponder.

O Allah, dari Kamu kami datang, dan kepada-Mu jualah kami akan kembali.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Her First Time Flying

And Alhamdulillah everything went well when take off, during and landing. 

Our flight departed at 2am (local time) and we went to KLIA 5hours earlier to spend the our last minute, dinner and chit-chatting.
Had to hold the button to impress Lulu to look at the camera (iphone to be specific)
Changed and loo-ing anything that needs to do before the departure.

notice that one of my button tercabut?
And, we are ready to go...
It took us about 12hours for the journey itself, plus two hours for baggage waiting, and that sets the family(read:Mr Superman) in worried mode. And all I can say is that, Emirates sucks. No, I don't mean all the Flight Attendants, only a few of them. You know, I had to hold my baby in the flight, although we paid for a bassinet. Ok fine, from KUL-Dubai, I'd ask for a bassinet, and this FA told me, yes they will provide it only after the take-off. After that, the FA seems to change and handle other zones, so, I waited for the bassinet about 3 hours, only to let the other FA enjoy looking at my baby sleeping on me, but no one gives the good damn bassinet. 

At last, got the bassinet and I'm hands-free yeayy
Everyone's sleeping, and I'm the only one not!!
And so I switched on the audio/video system...Enjoying the entertainment while having.......
Breakfast set- Scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, hash browns and mushrooms...yummeh...I had all the meals they served, but unluckily I can't capture the picture as I was holding Lulu at that time.
Ok, i don't blame them because I know the flight was full so they had to entertain the others. But after 3 hours, I gave up holding since my hand cramped. My butt rasa macam nak tercabut sitting in one position jer. Haha. Worst still, I had to hold Lulu all the way from Dubai-JED because they didn't find where they've put the bassinet, and didn't even inform me. Solution: Spread the changing mat on the floor, and let Lulu crawled and played on it.

Bangun tido and main ngn Aunty Sheya pulak..
I think she enjoys her flight so much, that she pooped!!!Hehe

Monday, March 7, 2011

Half way there

Apparently I can't help myself to sleep, and I'm way behind of completing my packing yet. Bahh. Maybe I'm too nervous as this will be my very first journey on a plane with a "baby". And, when I said alone, I really mean that there's no more hubby to help me around! In a positive way, yeah, I learn to be independent and less dependent to hubby, or else, there's always "Sayang, tolong itu, sayang tolong ini". Hahaa and I'm positively, highly sure that my Mr. Superman is surely gonna miss my command :p

Owh, and I'm excited too that I need to hug dear Mr Superman tonight, because he's gonna live (minus) the hugs for merely 2 months. Nevertheless, there's always things called web-cam-ing, yahoo-ing and la di da di da what-not.

Love you sayang, and here's a song for you