Wednesday, October 29, 2008

wrap up session :D

today was the big day!!-PORTFOLIO DAY-
we waited like 3 hours in the auditorium as the lecturers did their assessments..and i must say, we were like freaking freezing and cold in there plus the nervousness that's been running inside our's like an adrenaline trying to break there such a statement???wateva...
but overall, the portfolio was ok, even tho we know the grades were not out yet, but basically, everyone seems relief as no one was being called.hahah

and yeshhh...enough with the portfolio thingy!!unofficially, studio's more stress, no more exams :p (becoz i only took studio for this semester) and all is there, save my time for holiday!!!yeaaaaahhhhh yippie :)

this weekend, i've an invitation from my friend who lives in malacca...and it happens to be on the 1st of november (saturday)...and now i've got some major problem...well atleast for me it's a problem...let's see...we need to go to singapore on friday, nonetheless i don't want to turn down the offer, as she kept on inviting me to her house since like from first year!!!and i've never made it tru!!!waaaaaaaaa...shiannnn ko tau!!kan kan???and kina, pon xleh nk temankan sebab mak die x lepaskan...heheheh... :p i know u r reading my blog...bace senyap2 je...hampeh hampeh :D (and owhhh...forgot to upload your pic wehh)...k i letak nih jap

being a good friend i am, i makeup my friend of mine lahh...yeshhh, her name is shakina...disebabkan die miang sgt nk g berdating (hahah)...xdelaaa...memain je..i makeup her to isi mase lapang that time, we were just finished our presentation, and need to pin down the drawings after 1 and 1/2 we waited in the surau, and rather than doing nothing, i thought that maybe i can test my talents on her...afterall, no one in my family ever bother to ask my favour!!hahaha..yelaa sebab makeup pon hancur...tapi yang si shakina yang pelik nih kate, die suke je my makeup..hahahahahhaha!! :D what was that??pujian or perlian :p
ok...i think that's all for wrap up session...maybe later, i'll update something new :p
and owhhhh...
the baby's name is 'atika bt zaid :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

i've been tagged!!!

ok here goes...
i was tagged by my sis sera last week, and being a good sister i am, so i will fulfill her needs...heheh... u know that i've been busy with my submission, and still do (with the portfolio!!), and so i didn't get the chances to reply it rite away...and so, here are all the 15 factual facts u must know about me...or rather to say, the other side of me that u did'nt notice!!heh :p

1. i like wearing black!!!even tho i like pink!!funny isn't it??and even tho i like pink, i like colorful stuffs...hahah...that's why u oftenly see me in black :p ok, but actually, i can wear just any color!!but i just don't know why i ended up buying blacks!!haha

2. i like going to stationery and arts shop!!i can buy almost everything if no one sounds me lahh...i will always keep track my pencil box, to see if it's complete...nowadays, lots of my things are maybe that's a sign for me to buy a new one!!hehe...and becoz of that, i wish my husband to be the owner of a stationery shop!!wakakkaka...

3. i wake up late!!and i mean, real late!!!not becoz i'm an architecture student, but becoz that's the fact!! :) lets skip the time...hehe :p

4. i like going shopping!!!well i guess, this is a fact to almost every women in this world laahh...don't tell me u don't like shopping, then if that so, dont consider yourself from being one ok!!i hate when people say "ehh, aku xsuke laa baju nih, mcm org tua!!"...ok for me, opinion is acceptable, but rejecting it with that damn look on your face, can never be accept...and, if u want to go shopping with me, don't put on that boring face...u know what, sometimes, the fact that u don't like that cloth, it doesn't mean that it won't look good on others!!that's why, byk baju di design to cater for different needs :) but anyway, aku dengar je pendapat org lain lahh...but cuma dengan cara yg lembut and berhemah...hahaha...aku hati jiwang laaa :p

5. i'm into branded stuff!!!xkira laa i am moneyless or what, but i'll buy branded stuff jugak...not to say i've been pampered by my father never give me money just like that...u have to work out, if u really want it!!!seriously, i bought all my stuffs using the money that i simpan ok...bukan main mintak2 ibu and ayah...hahaha...tapi, aku beli jugak barang murah, but not second hand stuff ok!! :p eeee, imagine u have to wear someone other cloths yang u tak kenal pon orang tuh macam mane??geli kan??but, i terime je any hand-me-down items from people that i know!!!so jangan serik untuk bagi i :p hahahaha

6. going out eating and try new things are my kind of thing :) i like japanese, korean, western, easter, middle east, chinese and any other sort off dishes that look delicious!!hehehe...and most importantly, HALAL!

7. i like cooking but not baking- don't ask me on how to bake a cake, or perhaps, do you have this recipe (take for example bread pudding...heheh)...i won't even bother to look for the recipe coz that has never been my interest!!wakakaka...but when it somes to cook masak lemak cili padi, or rendang, or anything...i can share...i will only talk about something that i know, not something that i do not don't be surprise if i say that i xpernah makan kuih raya itu, or kuih raya ini...i eat only selected kuih muih and cakes...i like pies!!!with lots of fresh fruits...

8. i like yogurt drinks...especially strawberry or all the berries yogurt drink!!!ermmm, yummy-licious :)

9. my current hobby is to design cloth...heheh...i'm learning how to draw a perfect human figure :p

10. i love britney and always be!!!i collected all her albums...and still waiting eagerly for her new album 'circus' coming out this 2nd december!!

11. i like designing, take for example, to design a house or what-not, but only for my pleasure...but to take it as my studies, i've always regret thats explain why i'm in my second time final year..hahah...

12. i love saris, even tho i xpernah pakai lagi...but i have always dreamnt of wearing one on my nikah day...

13. i like white and transparent furnitures and decorate it with colorful flowers.

14. i like spicy food...tak bleh hidup di kelantan lebih dari 5 hari...hehehe...kalo nk jugak, kene bring my own cili padi lahhh!!

and last but not least...

15. i like striking, bling-bling shoes and handbags!!my princip senang je...baju biar simple, tp kasut biar stands out ok!!then only, i will feel confident!! :D

majolica majorca + E71!!!

"wehhh odahh, watson alamanda ade tmbah lagi makeup baru!!!cantik gilerr dowhhh...majolica majorca!!!"

my sis came back from alamanda and told me what she saw today...hahaha..yesshhh!!u heard that's a new makeup line by shiseido, and it caters for those who are looking for affordable makeups...even the packagings are nice and cute!!u can never resist them if u get the chance to try it...u'll end up buying it!!trust for me, i bought myself an eyeliner...and it's very smooth and way too easy to apply!!

just wait till next month, i'm going to buy the mascara and what not!!!hahahha....

and owhh...
i went to malacca last weekend...and for the first time, we spent the nite at sg rambai!!!believe it or not....and yeshhh kak intan, i will upload the picas later...hehehe...becoz, i'm not using my laptop rite now as i'm blogging this one out... :p

and we're planning to go to singapore this coming friday...hehehe...nak beli hp baru...everyone pon jatuh cinta ngn hp baru uncle xkn laaa i pn nk beli yg tuh kan??? :D

so any suggestions on any new models??!!preferably nokia k...

Monday, October 20, 2008


dear my heart n my soul...
thanks for being with me all these while...
tru the endless hardship...
i feel so blessed :-)
oh heart,
please dont feel hurt...
even tho i know sometimes it's hurt...
but heart, try to learn my soul..
then only heart and soul can be together :-)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

is so0oo not over yet :-(

oh my god!!just look at the mess....
yes u guess it right...that's my room a.k.a my so0oo-called workstation...
im making the floor as my working table...hah...thats why im so cramped out here...
goshhh...i'm not going to write a long post here, just taking a break before i continue with my design....grrrr...such a long way to go, yet so many things to be done...AND i'm freaking out!!!

can't wait for this to get over, so that i can watch mr shia new movie :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

raya just wont stop :)

i guess it's not too late for me to upload these whole bunch of raya pics during the makan-makan for close family at my house last friday...

huh!!the food was heaven laahhh as usual...u know my mum lahh...never failed to penuhkan meja dia ok...hahaha...ibu yg serba boleh...she cooked almost everything...hehehe....

homemade desserts...yummy-licious!!!
even got two lahh...the one at the back was my mum baking...i'm not into that really, so that's explain why i took the pic of the pies :p
one long table spread with foods..u name it!! :)
buffet style, but yet, u eat the according to sunnah :)posers!! :D while waiting for the second round..heheh (pics taken from kak tisa)
another yet posing...this time without me aroundhishhh...saeed yg menjeling kebahagiaan org lain..hahaha :Dpeace!!!one more pls...budak gile posing :Dsa'eed poyo malu-malu :pmood raye seyhhhkan best kalo balik kampung suasana die macam nih :)even the flowers pon nmpk cntik mlm tuh :) (credit to hafiz)

overall, everyone seemed very happy and full :) to come, open house for my close friends...huh!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

lovelife anyone?

what is love?
where is love?
why do u love?
how to love?
do u bother to love?
ever stuck in love?
do u really need love?
i dont really know what love is :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

falling apart :-(


i must say that im melting down slowlyyyy...

i havent finished my plan yet, as it keep on changing and changing..i know i should be tying up the plan, by now...but still i kept on changing it no matter how the lecturers said that the planning wise are there...urgghhh...i dunno, i think becoz i dont want it to look too bulky...yet, im still stuck in between... :-(

i really need some refreshment rite now...something that really can blow my mind, and make me hocus focus myself without even thinking something else...wished there's this sort of vacuum that can suck away all the stresses and other disturbation around me...

submission is just a few days 5 days to be specific...and again, i have nadaaa...completely, totally nadaaa...a BIG nadaaa!!!ok maybe im a liltle bit complaining here, and yes, i know its my mistake, not to say i didnt start it early, its maybe becoz the mood im having rite now...but heyyy!!!afterall its raya mode :-( just thinking about the open house i'll be helding this coming saturday, makes me even sick...i dunno if i can cope with that...lets just see, and watch me crumbling melting down :-(

owhhh, Allah...please give me strength...send me your blessing in every decision that i've made :-)

Friday, October 10, 2008

let's go shopping online :)

well yeahh...

recently i've been crazy into kebayas..
remember i wore kebaye for hari raya...

n yes...i would like to share u a website that sells kebayas online...
its cool for those who're living outside malaysia...
and if u r a close friend of mine, i can always bring u there :)
go checkout this website here...

this aunty is a peranakan lady, who's been selling kebayas for like ages...
the materials are good, n the prices differs too :) differs with what type of material it is...
but as for a student like me, u can always go for the affordable kebayas,starting from 200rm only!!!

and hey, did i mention that Anna Sui also bought a kebaya from her???well ofcoz she bought the most expensives one :p heeeeee

and if u r a fan of shaylas or mostly known for selendang in bahasa malaysia, u can always contact me...a friend of mine, is selling it at a verrrrry good price :)
take a look at the pic below:

u can always drop by at her shopping website :) here


cant wait for britney's new video premier!!!
it's going to happen today :)
lalaladidadida :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

why fight over destiny???

why do people always keep regretting their destiny???

u can never fight over will always win no matter how hard u try...

if u go against destiny, u will go tumbling down :( and your whole life, will be in full of sorrows, regretting and not appreciating what u've got...and at the end of the day, it will turn u into someone ungrateful to God...

like sometimes...take for an example, u love someone, but then that someone didnt respond u like u did...and yes, i have been tru that was long time ago...during my high school days...good old days...yes i did regret my actions, its not that im sad that he didnt turn out to like me, but i regretted that i make a silly and stupid mistakes!!but when looked back, all these really helped me or changed me into someone better...or atleast :p

sometimes i dont get it, when people turned u down, u shud take it and leaveit...its not becoz they dont like u, but becoz u need to realize that u were not destined to be together...why is it so hard to believe in destiny...always remember, us as a servant of Allah, must always redha with His doings...there must be a hikmah beyond that...try to think positively :) then only, u'll become someone wiser...never question or pray for others is truely for me, if u really love someone, then u shud let it go...u will always want that person to be happy with the one she/he doing that, u've get the most respectful and faithful reaction from others and people will judge u based on what u do...

stop making fool of yourself, in the end, u will loose...

p/s:i loved a boy, and i like it, but i suffered...but it's all now history :)
so if i can do it, why not u??come to think of it :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

more pictures!!!!

the hari raya did not stop there...remember that i've told u we went to cameron to enjoy tea??yeahhh, we did, n here are some of the picas!!

cameron is famous with its beautiful flowers!!

n food...hey, noticed my tummy?? :p its flat..hahahayummy-licious

at the boh tea centre

carrot cake!!but i didnt eat it...
my hot choc n tuna sandwiches =)

makan-makan till u stuffed up

semua muke kenyang

happy couple 1

happy couple 2 (erk yeke??)

went to the next tea shop...this time its the cameron bharat teashop

making orders

ayah cute kn?? :p

last shot before heading down(credit to ruqayya)
budak nih merajuk ngn bapak die (credit to ruqayya)
with omma (credit to sera)

supposed to pose, but turned out candid..heh (credit to qaya??erkk)

many many picas of us :D

hari raya started off with salam-salaman n maaf-maafan...n not to forget, crying too in happy ways...or sometimes a liltle bit sad??
pokcu with tokmak salam-salam,maaf-maaf,halal menghalal =)
and then, pokda got his chance pulak
this one is between my cousin and my cu :p
while tokbah, starting to sengseng his baju, to enjoy the food (ignoring the surrounding!!)haha :D

while for us, camwhoring session happened at the living area...ofcoz, there's many many faces of sa'eed, followed by me, nana n bulbul...hahaha

sa'eed nampak baik sgt kan??dont be fooled :D
always wanted to take off his kopiah!!haishh :p
noticed their face expressions??

sa'eed with his aunty blossom
smiles cheerfully \\(0_o)//
tgk ape tuh??
tokmak's crying when rumaisa called~~typical tokmak heh :p

he does look like a girl sometimes :p

went off to malacca and muar(visiting bulbul), and saeed's not feeling very well...pity pity :-(

bulbul's is now a fat cat!!wonder if he has high cholestrol??hmmm
adik takut that we're going to take bulbul back :D