Monday, September 29, 2008

W.O.M.A.N.I.Z.E.R's out!!

britney's releasing her super hawtttt new single!!!

check it out if u havent heard of it yet. here!!heeee~~ :p
well that's not my main point for this entry!!

remember, i've told u that i'm looking for a kebaya?
well, at first, i thought of buying a kebaya nyonya, but since it's too short n too tight, i don't feel comfortable!!

however, i purchased myself a kebaya labuh...n it's black n white in color!!lucky me for letting go the one that i like~~~hahaha...nk wat cmner...dh aku tido n x g.. :D *gulpppp* don't ask me the price!!!

and becoz of that, i'll just wear my tudung n kasut yg dh ade...waaaaakakaka!!
i'm counting the days for hari raya and not to forget, the day of submission!! needs to be finished and all my raya holidays will just burn like that *urggghhh* :-(
i dont like it!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

kueh raya making


ok, u wont believe this!!
i did kueh raya today, not 1, not 2, but hey, THREE!!!ok, maybe that's not a big deal for other girls, but for some lazy-ass like me, i should feel proud of it!!hahah :p

the night before, i spent my time with surfing, chatting and ladidadida what-not!! *urgghhh* so u can guess that i'm having one of those sleepless nite!! (ya allah, dh laa 10 mlm terakhir) rite after sahur, i felt dizzy and dushhh, went off to sleep for like 2 hours, and ibu called me to help her...

aaaa, doing kueh raya is nothing fun at all...imagine, i had to be compared to my other sisters...(kalo akak ade, die rajin, and kalo maisa ade sure xyah panggil byk2 kali)usually, i'm not the type to help around...ibu, u can't deny, my workmanships are way better than yours, even tho im a liltle slow on it!!hahaha..but guess what, there's another BIG lazy-ass sleeping somewhere in the room, lagi teruk dr aku tuh!!haihhh...lucky ibu to have me around :p hahahaha...

i'll kick off till here, since my designs are waiting for me!! *ouchhhhh*
i havent resolve my plans yet, my drop-off and to draw all the big ideas in my head!!funny to find out that, to design a budget hotel, is way harder than i guessed it is *sighhh* and not to mention, plus the community centre!!haihhhh...i wonder what do the kelantaneses spend their free time~~except listening to ceramah!!i know i know :p

i guess, im going to provide them a fish spa, hahahah!!how cool is that??after all, i've never seen a spa in kelantan yet..heheh..maybe!!hmmmm

p/s:do they really listen to ceramah only??

hari raya??*errrr*

owhh no0oo!!

i can't believe it!!

hari raya is coming, and i still have nothing fabulous to wear on that special day!!!
i mean nothing EXACTLY okay!! *sigh*

i haven't got my baju raya yet, my tudung raya, my kasut raya and what-not!!owhhh~~im soo0o not celebrating this hari raya with the same old baju raya i've worn in the past few years!! (okay, so now i'm a liltle bit exaggerating on :p) it's not that i haven't done that before, its just that, hello i'm supposed to like fashion and be fashionable(well maybe i'm not :p), and here i am, i never care less about my baju for hari raya!!so what do u think??should i get myself one??hmmmm

when i told ibu that i need a kasut raya, ibu went all mad *urghhh*(blame my shopping on shoes lately). and i said, i bought all those shoes using the money that i've got from my teaching and so it's different.rite???okay i know it's not a lot for me to brag, but hey, it gave me enough satisfaction to just wear something that u own it yourself...u deserves that sometimes, u need to pamper yourself with *errrr* shoessss???ahahaha

i dunno, i know the chances to get a new shoe for hari raya is tersangatlahh tipis *tapi aku masih mengharap lagi!!*hahahha~~i hope my father is reading this while his blog-hopping...wakakaka...i know it wont happen tho :p

and to make things worst, i asked ibu that i really need a baju raya!!hahahah...i dun mind not having a baju raya but sometimes i do mind...actually, i want this kebaya nyonya so badly, so i made it as my excuse for hari basically, i dun really mind having it after Eid...
however, i'm lying if i'm saying that i dont crave for all these things..after all im a human being~~and to be specific on top of all that ~~aku nih ofcoz i'll need all that...hehehe
so guys~~buy me buy me :p hahaha

okay, here goes my wishing list for raya :p :-
1. baju kebaya nyonya
2. shayla
3. stilettoes
4. wallet (prada, LV~haha, coach, marc by marc jacobs??)
5. handbag (radley, jane shilton or lulu??)
6. shades??ahaaa...jaz aku nk nih :p suro akak ko blanje gakss
7. skirtsssss (i mean it, with lots of "s") :p
8. topssss (with lots of "s" too :p)
9. jeans - esprit in my mind now
10. wrist watch -okay, i really do need this, becoz my wrist watch rosak :-(
11. my studio design?? *errrrr* lets not count on that :p
aghhhhh...if i go all the way, then the wishing list will ended up in 10 i'll stop it rite here for now :p

p/s: how i wished i've got 10 boyfriends in my hand...hahaha :p (it's just a wish, im quite a lstick-to-one-person type what!!duhhhh~~ :D)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

ayam masak merah

there's been a lot of death happened lately...and all of them are related quite close to my family..
starting from friday, then the next saturday, and currently is today...
sesungguhnya milik Allah ape yg telah Dia ambil, dan bagi-Nya pula ape yg telah Dia berikan. segala sesuatu di sisi Allah mempunyai jangka waktu tertentu, sbb itu sabar dan carilah redha Allah~~taken from bekalan menuju maut...
however, since ibu needs to pay her last visit to her friend, then i need to stay at home to cook for berbuka puasa...ibu asked me to cook ayam masak merah which i never made it to success...*huh*...ok, but somehow, i just give it a turns out to look quite ok..but dunno how it tastes...hahahah...

well, the ayam masak merah is cooked base on my own version..i didnt really follow the rules of, go figure if u think it looks delicious to you

1 whole chicken (cut to 12 pieces)
  • 5 red onions
  • 6 garlic
  • a little bit of ginger
  • 2 tomatoes
blend the above ingredients
3 tbsp blended chili (depends if u dont want it to be too spicy)
2 stalks lemon grass chopped lengthwise
1 stick of cinnamon-broken into half
a little bit of air assam jawa
sugar, salt

ok first, marinate the chicken for at least 30mins with salt, cornflour, turmeric powder and oyster sauce. then, fry chicken in a wok under high heat in corn/vegetable oil, until their corners turn brown and crisp. Remove and set aside. Remove some oil from the wok and add in the blended ingredients, followed with the cinnamon and the lemon grasses. stir fry the mixture. later, add in the blended chili, stir fry till fragrant and you can see the oil boiled. season with some brown sugar, salt, and kicap manis. then, add in the assam jawa water and leave it till it dry a little bit, then only u add in the chickes u've set aside before. your dish is ready to eat...

here, take a look at my ayam masak merah :

pictures taken from many angles to give you enough satisfaction...hahaha
ok girls, what do you think of it??...go and try and give some feedback on it..heheh

p/s : i myself havent taste it yet, but still giving away the recipe *pemurah me :p*

brand new Mark&Spencer boot for sell

hey there!!!
my friend is selling her brand new Mark&Spencer boot for 50rm!!!
the actual price is 45pounds...she bought it in UK and she cant wear it becoz it's a bit oversized!!
so if u're interested, do msg me or contact me!!
size : eur 40, UK 6 1/2
here, take a look:

p/s : mind the messy background..hahaha :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

what shoes are you??

HAHHH!!!so now i'm screwed up!!!*arghhhh*

well not exactly~~heee...i'm confused on which type of shoes i am?blame mursyidah for giving me this book by susan Reynolds "Change your shoes, Change you life".

hahaha...ok, some parts of the book i would totally when i forgot some event in the past, i usually visualized myself, what i had on, like when i think of that pink shoe i once had in Pasum, i remembered everything!!that was the first pinky shoe i bought and now, the shoe has been thrown away by my father~~~*urghhh*

for me, before i need to properly strut myself, i have to buy some truly fabulous shoes. that kind of shoes that makes my heart beat faster, that gives me this kind of vibe and the best qualities whenever i had it on, the shoes that tell the others, what kind of person i am and the shoes that will elevate my self confidence through the life that i deserve!! i dunno u, but what do u think of when u buy shoes???

but you know, it's funny, when it comes to men, they have their own assumptions...hahah, go figure!!

types of shoes, what u think it says, what men think it says
  1. ankle wrap : i have perfect ankles men : i'm into bondage
  2. atheletic : i'm sporty men : i dont even think about sex
  3. boots : i'm a sexy girl men: maybe, but let's see what's under those boots
  4. cowboy boots : i love to two-steps, men : i never wear frilly dresses
  5. espadrille : i belong to French Rivera men : i expect a life of luxury
  6. fabric shoes : i'm socially responsible men : i cant afford leather~~HAHA
  7. flip-flops : i'm sooo trendy men : i'm cheap as hell
  8. oxfords : i'm sensible when required men : i have my personality locked up
  9. platforms : i am bold and adventurous men : i am petite and overcompensate
  10. pumps : i am classic Grace Kelly men : i wanna be a President
  11. riding boots : i own horses, i play polo men : i like horses better than men
  12. sandals : i have gorgeous feet men : i want you to lick my toes
  13. stilettos : i'm too sexy for my shoes men : i'm simply dying to sleep with you

so girls, what shoes are you??go figure, and ask your bf/husband what they think of u and your shoes??hahahha

p/s: so what, as long as im satiesfied with it aite?? *errkk*

Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't laugh at my dreams, but encourage me do!!

ok!!!so today i woke up late for was supposed to be on 10.30am, but i managed to reach my faculty at 11am after dropping by at atok's...then, things got worst when i had my cirit birit...there, to add up my lateness!! *haishhhh*

because of my lateness, then my design cant be criticized by the lecturers!!but somehow i dun care, i keep on doing my massing model, n i kinda like turned out im beginning to have faith in my design!!finally, ive got the mood!! *phewww*

and so, i'd asked two lecturers to take a look at my atleast, i know that im on the rite path...luckily, they seem to feel ok with it and i can proceed..

right after studio, i headed to midvalley, since i've got a 'berbuke puase' date with nurul...she needed to pass me the shaylas that my friends asked for. dinner was fantastic!!!we had nandos for our buke puase...i must say i am that full, but im writing this blog, i feel hungry!!!lalalalaa~~~but i need to stop my midnight eating habits, or else, i wont go nowhere!!! *dushhh dushhh sarah* ~~suke ati ko kate aku gemuk but in a tersirat way!!!

after bloating myself up, i went for my magrib's prayer which *arghhhh* the quing was like so00oo long!!and i had this argument with this makcik (even tho aku rase die akak, tp sbb bengang aku nk panggil die makcik) yang sungguh fussy+kepoh+pentingkan diri!!!ahhh, malas nk citer, wat tmbah dose je.. :p

pastu, we went window shopping and lain pulak jadinya!!!i bought myself a pair of shoes..hahahah...i really cant resist this one out!!u see, i've been dying for this shoes since like 2months was on 50% off at that time..the one that i like was the red i went to check, and in my head i kept on saying, sure dah takde kasut, tgk2 ade so i was like!!ouchhh~~~i must get it no matter what!!!and besides, it's now on 70% off...but, the red color is out of size, but there's still a gold one which is i think quite hot too!!owhhhhhh~~i so really like it!!here, take a look...

from the front elevation (this is what happens when an architect gives a photo description, mind you!!)

and from the side elevation

so what do u think??the actual price is RM219..then after less, it's only RM65++...

ok, so tomorrow i'm planning of going to jln i mentioned earlier, i need to buy some materials for my design...i need to see whether my design works or not, so im gonna give it a try...let me give u a sneak preview on my first ever design...sorry, the sketch is a little bit off, but i think it's quite ok for a first timer like me to do so :D gagagaga...somehow, im going to improve my skecthes, and i will buy that book which will be costing me around RM300++...and which is very *ouchhhh*!!!
lol :p

so u see, the design is very simple...i need to find a blueish green fabric and decorate it with red beads!!!when the design is ready, then i will post it again!!just wait yaaa!!!

p/s: can't wait to own my self-titled label *grrrr*!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


hey wassup guys!!
finally!!i've got my bed ready...uhuhuu...can't wait to sleep on it tonite...yes!!and can't wait to decorate my sweet little's all gonna be white in color!!!awwww~~~isn't it sweet?? :D
ok, i will post some pictures later if i feel like doing it...hahaha...afterall, a bedroom supposed to be a private area...eheh ;p

well yeah, im going to have a tuisyen class this's been awhile..the classes being postponed every now and then, so i hope today it goes as planned...*phewww* running out of idea...i think i'll stop here, and post something bombastic later...huhu...
thanks for dropping by =)


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

refreshments :p

i've noticed that i haven't update my blog since like ages!!goshhhh...
and i was wondering is there ever someone that refreshes my blog to see any new post!!hahaha
well, it's just that, i don't have the mood to write, but still what's the purpose of having a blog in the first place rite?arghhhh!!!~~that is to kill time...n now i realized that the time has kill me!!agagaga :p

so many things happened all these while, that i don't think i need to elaborate it bits by bits since it's all now in the past, and i'm starting a new fresh life ahead!!*sighhh*

except for a little bit updates on me :-p
a) i'm so0oo sick with my studio's so pathetic that i sometimes, can't stand it~~really need to finish up my studies and think about something else!!! *urghhh* its not that i dont like designing, i always do!!its just that the environment around me makes me feel depressed even more!!

b) currently in love with fashions!!~~well hey!!i always do have interest in fashions okay!!besides, fashions are about designing too :D goshhhh, i really had this big big ideas running tru my head everytime i had difficulties to fall asleep...its like you know, you wake up and draw all that ideas of yours, and then as you go on sketching, it turned out to look horrible!!hahaha...but still that ideas of mine are beautiful, its just that i dont have the talent to draw...erkk??what do u think???hahaha

c) and talking about fashions~~i now in searching of textiles or the best fabrics for my design!!i found out that, buying cloths from mango, envee, guess, DP, topshop and etc are way too expensives for a budget student like me...hahaha, so y not make one of my design into reality ehh???afterall, u need to see what others think about your design, or else, u will feel very the syok sendiri one lahhh :p

d) i really inneed of a new wallet!!i need something like a shocking pink one or something stripes that looks colorful!!been tru a lot of website, fall in love with these wallets from coach and marc by marc jacobs!!!*urgghhh* really need to buy one, or maybe there's someone out there who feel free to belanje me? :p agagaga...

e) really stuck with my urban design now!!i havent find a suitable concept for it...afterall, this semester is all about concepts and ideas...i dont want ending up like before :-( so!!need to work really hard and get tru 4th year!!

f) in planning to open up business~~besides being an architect, i wanna be a fashion designer too...i wanna design cloths for the muslim womans who still wanted to look fashionable and elegant even tho they're covering their aurah!!just wait, i will have my own label one day!!ameen :D

g) even more~~i want to cut off my weight *urghhh*
i so0oo looked fat, well atleast i do feel that even tho people says no lahhh!!but trust me, dont believe others when they say no...becoz you yourself feel yang far, my diet plans never works!! :D agagagaga...i really need a PT like Britney!!*haishhh* how i wished, i am that rich lahhh :D

p/s : that reminds me that im planning to bake a cake this coming Friday!!there goes my diet..heh!!~~ :D