Thursday, April 9, 2009


my sister is now 26 last nite!!
and i totally forgot her birthday lohhhh...BUT I DID CALL HER, TP DIE BERDATING, XKASI AKU JOIN!!
i mean, i do remember, but that was last week, when i told her that i'm going to have my final presentation on her birthday!!so yeahhh, final was really stressful, but yet, i did manage to finish my work, altho at times, i received a lot of negative comments, saying that i need alot of works to do, and that i wont make it...but hell, after sleepless nite, tears and money spent, i bet i really did something which i never expected it at all...even when i submitted my drawing personally to my lecturer (she did browse my drawings one by one), she asked me, "rauda, dah bape hari tak tido??" and u know, i bet u dun wanna know, bukan setakat x tido, malah x mandi...hanya manage utk gosok gigi!!OMG...but that lasted for like two days only...xtahan ok xmndi lama2...and dont even let me mention who's not taking bath for the whole week??????????errrr!!!but overall, i'm a bit dissapointed with my design, since i'm not exploring it more becos of time constrain...however, i hope i can upgrade for the portfolio session next week!!and that's the final out of the final, destination to conclude where i'll be going after this!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

don't do this to me

i like watching fashion show since i love fashion a lot!!
and sadly, i can't go :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
one word : D. A. M. N!!!!!!

what happen when you are a math maniac??

u will give crazy answers definitely...especially when you are the dumb ass me...looking at this, i wonder what my teacher had thought of me when she marked my papers...i bet she laughed her lungs out!!bet yaa...

i used to be that stupid with add math..math was never really my favo subject in schools...there's this one time, i failed my math during my form 2 year, and i was the only girl who failed the paper...imagine how suck i am at math...but luckily, there's another boy who failed hell yeahh, we were paired as the failure partner!!HUH...

but when i looked at this, i think math is kinda fun!!!!!HAHAH...especially when u're taking architORTure, and it doesnt need us to learn math at all, so there goes all my science knowledges!!you know, atleast if i take math, i can answer this kinda question and laugh out loud!!

HAHA...all these were taken from some website i found tru the internet...

ok so now, save the best for the last!!HAHA...LIKE CRAP EHHHHH

Thursday, April 2, 2009

candle light dinner in studio mudio

these few days, sangat sangat lah stress buat diri saya...i need to keep remind myself, that i only got 3 more days to go, while it last...atleast, for part one...i know i intended to pursue my studies on part 2, but part one is hell enough for me to bare with...

mr superman on the other hand, is doing ok on his own, not??well atleast i think so, since he manages to do all his work at college/home...while me, i'm stucked at studio 24/7...waktu makan dah lari, sleepless nite, following with not having my daily bath on time...ok, i mandi OK!!BUT imagine to wake yourself up to the unfamiliar faces, looking at u, like ape budak nih muke baru bangun tido...i ran myself back to studio (cover muke yg sembap dgn tahi mata) u know what i mean!!n apparenty that new face happenned to be my studiomate's friend!!YA AMPUN, TMBAH MALU, SEBAB BILA BUKAK PINTU STUDIO, NAMPAK MUKA DIA, THEN TUTUP PINTU LARI MASUK STUDIO, SBB TENGAH PEGANG BERUS GIGI AND PENCUCI MUKA!!WAKAKAKAKA...malu yang amatan....

rite now, i'm like so hungry but yet, i lost my i asked mr superman, to drop by at studio, tapau nasi kukus for me, and let's have a candlelight dinner at studio..haha!!

karipap KARIPAP crap!!

5 minutes advertisement break!!


"kak!!bape satu karipap nihh?"

"50 sen, dik"

"bagi saya satu, kak"

"nahhh dik..akak bagi 3!!"

"wahhh, banyaknya!!tapi saya bayar untuk harga untuk satu sahaja!!"

kekekekee...digi's advertisement prepaid i like....u'll get to hear the advertisement tru any malay base radio station like hot. FM!!

well, if ever that situation happens to design i wish the output work from 1 hour work is equal to 3hours work!!get what i mean??means, aku hanya perlu bertungkus lumus selama satu jam, tapi hasil kerja itu adalah bersamaan dengan 3 jam bekerja!!haishhhhhhhhh...

everyday, i hear these songs frommy studiomate's blast speaker...and lagu tuh berunsur2 yang sangat-sangat lahh kelakar...just like britney's song iF U SeeK Me!!pronounce it laju laju...what do u think when you hear these kinda lyrics

1. bila lelaki suka perempuan, itu adalahh FAKTA...FAK FAK FAK TAAAAAAA!!that's like crap sh** rite??

2. kalau nak jadi superman, pakai seluar dalam diluar...kalau nak jadi batman, pakai diatas kepala, tapi kalo nak jadi manusia, pakailah seluar dalam macam biasa!!hahahah??how anoyying is that??

3. aku ingin *nyot nyot* *nyot nyot* puting (konon2 hisap susu) but has a deaper meaning than that!!

4. aku ingin bercinta dengan kamu...AH AH AH AHHHHH...

5. dia kentut kentut kentut...then spell K E N T U T...

ya Rabbi, lyric cmnihh pon diorg lehh wat lagu...but sebenarnya, agak kelakar utk mendengar sehingga baru rasa lucu untuk membuat kerja...tapi memandangkan, studiomate tuh tak datang2 lagi nih, sebab masih di alam mimpi, itu pasal take a break jap tulis blog, nak bagi refreshhhh!!hoho lol!!

ok, now back to work :D