Monday, March 7, 2011

Half way there

Apparently I can't help myself to sleep, and I'm way behind of completing my packing yet. Bahh. Maybe I'm too nervous as this will be my very first journey on a plane with a "baby". And, when I said alone, I really mean that there's no more hubby to help me around! In a positive way, yeah, I learn to be independent and less dependent to hubby, or else, there's always "Sayang, tolong itu, sayang tolong ini". Hahaa and I'm positively, highly sure that my Mr. Superman is surely gonna miss my command :p

Owh, and I'm excited too that I need to hug dear Mr Superman tonight, because he's gonna live (minus) the hugs for merely 2 months. Nevertheless, there's always things called web-cam-ing, yahoo-ing and la di da di da what-not.

Love you sayang, and here's a song for you


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