Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Well, who says when Sunday comes, laziness strikes?

At least not to us this weekend. Hehe we had activities that bonded us together, more like family-thingy activities. Woke up in the morning (you know my usual mornings :p) and got ready for the weekly ta'alim at the neighborhood. I had to bring Lulu 'Aayesha often to program that gives her "makanan rohani" if you get what I mean. Yeah of course, besides reciting Al-Qoran to her, she needs to listen to Hadiths too. Alhamdulillah, she behaved well and kept herself busy holding keys. Yes, she likes to hold everything except her toys. >.<

On the other hand, hubby did the laundry. You heard me right. He thought that it was somewhat a new hobby to him. Haha. So I helped him around and lipat baju. Wahh piles of it!!

Ade dua lagi bakul *nangess huaaaaa*


Lulu's first time swimming!!
After swimming, we cooked our late lunch together. We had
Ikan Siakap masak tiga Rasa
Hubby : Pasni tak payah gi makan kedai lagi...
Me: Nape pulak??
Hubby: Sebab awak masak pon dah sedap macam kedai....
Me: '__" cakap jelaa sedap tak perlu lah ayat berkias hah

So, how was your Sunday??

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Anonymous said...

sedap nampak ikan siakap tu, haih, membesau dgn sehat lah lulu mcm ni + bapak dia,heheheheh