Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Korean Drama

If one thing you guys don't know about me,  I'm always the last person on earth to know things late. Hehe. Just had lunch with sister at Ayam Penyet Best, Seksyen 15, and I was updating her that I bought a good Korean Drama last Monday and that she will definitely gonna borrow and watch it. But no!!Happen to be, she already watched it. Haha

Couple or Trouble

It's ok, there's always a phrase that says:

It's never too late to try new things. hehe

The hero is totally a heartthrob, damn even Mr Superman had to agree and said, yeah his body is like that as well. Uhuh had to approve, or else I can't watch the drama on his big good screen. Haha speaking of which, we spent the holiday at home, watching Korean. I know I know, no life but in a way, we did spend quality times together.

UPDATED : Finished watching it in 3D2N lol speaking of which, I've already booked my 3D2N destination for our 2nd anniversary tru AirAsia. They're having great promotions, so why wait??Book yours now!!

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