Thursday, February 24, 2011

Self-Potrait Photos

Finally, all the hassles settled, now just waiting for the approval. Today was hectic, not to mention hunting for Oath and Commissioner yet another trouble!! We went to the first stop and we were unlucky to find out that the Mister went for a meeting in KL, so we seek for another place only to be sent out in a "nice" way. Hehe 

Hate to say this for the millionth  time, but my baby sure looks cute for her visa photo.

Shian Lulu, she needs a pair of shoes! Ayah and Mummy, please buy one for me?? >.<
Her second attempts
And the end result :

LOL loving this!!
Hahaha and try compare these two pictures below :

Left - me, Right - Lulu
Hahahahahahahahahaha aku serious nak gelak guling-guling sekarang nih!!! Never that I thought my daughter has my look when I was a baby! Hahahahahahahahhahah funny.

P/s : Owh by the way, Hj Sharin Low (like their FB here!!) will be opening their new outlet, AND most importantly it is very near to our house!! ooo emmm geee!!! God, I so love their food. It's so nice to eat Chinese Muslim food 5 minutes away from your house, haha we never need to go to Ampang anymore! Heard they'll be launching the new restaurant this 28th February 2011 - must drop by.

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